Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Administration's Enforcement of Immigration Laws

The political leaders responsible for turning their cities sanctuaries for illegal immigrants should be arrested for criminal conspiracy, reckless endangerment, among other charges. Meanwhile, a border wall is a proven strategy as a fence built at Yuma, Arizona cut illegal crossings by 94%. The Trump Administration's tough enforcement of immigration laws has already cut illegal crossing by 2/3. Meanwhile, the GOP is planning to fund the border wall by levying a tax on the remittances that immigrants send back to the countries they came from. Finally, in Germany, a Somali raped 2 elderly disabled men and murdered one of their wives.

Syrian Government Gassed Dozens

The Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill at least 70 people in the northwestern part of the country.

Senate Supports Montenegro's Membership in NATO

The Senate voted 97-2 in favor of the state joining NATO. It is certainly true that Montenegro brings nothing to the table. But in light of the resurgent Russian threat, such measures to check Russian ambitions are necessary. NATO can be sorted out after the Russian threat recedes.

US Needs to Take Military Action Against Iran

Dreams about some mythical moderate Iranian element in the regime or peaceful means to facilitate regime change have repeatedly proven to be wrong over the past 38 years. The only option that can work is military action.

Time for GOP to Nuke the Democrats

I am pleased to note that Senate GOP appears ready to nuke the Democrats to the next incarnation. In related news, Justice Gorsuch is expect to have a strong effect on his colleagues.

Time to Return to Mass Executions

Arkansas is planning to conduct 8 executions in 10 days.

Eliminating Restrictions on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Iowa state senate voted 33-17 to endorse a "stand your ground" provision and to "allow children below the age of 14 to handle pistols or revolvers under the supervision of an adult parent, guardian or instructor, preempt local ordinances restricting gun rights, create a uniform permit to carry weapons and provide for five-year permits to acquire handguns rather than single-year permits." Gov. Gary Herbert (R. Utah) signed legislation to "lower[] the age for obtaining a concealed-weapons permit from 21 to 18."

US Navy Testing Electromagnetic Railgun

The ammunition can be fired at 4,500 mph.

Having Children can Prolong One's Life Span

[A]t the age of 60, the remaining life expectancy of men without children could be projected as a further 18.4 years, while those who had kids could expect 20.2 years more.
Women of the same age who did not have children could expect 23.1 more years, while those who did were likely to live another 24.6 years on average.

CTF Pink

The world's most expensive diamond, with a price of $71.2 million.