Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women Will March, on the Orders of Men

The Women's March is organized by a liberal group that does not include any women in its leadership. At least one liberal group paid ransom to Russian hackers to prevent them from revealing that they have been funding anti-Trump protests. A Boston law firm that donated more than $1 million to Democrats is under investigation for illegally raising campaign contributions. A liberal activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison for engaging in voter registration fraud. Last but not least, survey suggests that CNN's brand perception collapsed since it became the anti-Trump mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.

GOP Needs to Take an Ax to the Federal Budget

The GOP reinstated an ancient rule dating back to 1876 that "allows lawmakers to cut the pay of individual federal workers down to $1...." This is the perfect tool to cut the government down to size. While federal programs established by statute cannot be easily eliminated as an effort at repeal may be filibustered, cutting those employees' salaries down to $1 may force them to resign and effectively shut them down. Meanwhile, the Senate voted 51-48 to repeal the Obama regime's new resource management planning rule. Fishermen are suing to overturn the Obama regime's attempt to create a national monument off the coast of New England. The Trump Administration should, in the name of avoiding the law suit, cancel the monument altogether. Cuts in discretionary spending may help to slow down the rise of the federal debt, but what is truly necessary to ensure the long-term fiscal health of the country is reforming the welfare system. Finally, analysis suggests that the current Supreme Court rules in favor of business interests 60% of the time, making this the most business-friendly court since WWII. 6 of the 10 most business-friendly justice are currently serving on the court.

2nd Amendment Redeemed in Wisconsin

The state supreme court ruled by 5-2 that the city of "Madison's transit agency cannot ban passengers from bringing weapons on the city's buses."

True's Beaked Whale

The first video of this rare type of whale was taken at the Azores.