Friday, March 3, 2017

Rare Glimpse of Bipartisanship

Rep. Stephen Lynch (Democrat, Massachusetts) suggested that the press lost their credibility with their incessant attacks on the president.

A New Era of Hope and Change has Dawned on America

I am delighted to note that an illegal immigrant who had the audacity to speak out at a press conference was arrested. Survey suggests that 80% of Americans are opposed to the idea of sanctuary cities. There is still a lot of work left to do on the immigration law enforcement front, as the Obama regime ignored 1.6 million people who overstayed their visas and California State Senate Leader Kevin de León claimed that half of his family are illegals. I guess it's time for Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigate his family and deport the illegal half. Finally, in Austria, 9 Iraqis who committed rape will not be deported for fear that they might be executed in their own country. Obviously, the Austrians won't leave any rapist behind.

Time for US to List UN as a Terrorist Organization

I'm look forward to the dispatch of army troops who will shoot every UN employee on sight.

Pres. Trump's Unilateral Trade Policy

Which may not be nearly as disastrous as some might think. Assuming the worst case scenario: The US is forced to withdraw from the WTO. In that case, the US can, temporarily, announce that it will still abide by WTO rules pending a comprehensive review. For those rules that are prejudicial against US interests, the country can withdraw from them. Obviously, other nations may retaliate by withdrawing from rules that are in the interests of the US. Possible retaliatory measures by trading partners should obviously be taken into account before any unilateral abrogation of WTO responsibilities.

The Only Way to Disarm North Korea's Nuclear Program

The Trump Administration is considering using military force to disarm the country's nuclear weapons. Sanctions and diplomatic talks have already failed, leaving only the military option untried. The Pentagon should study the possibility of a mixed operation: A conventional attack across the border and the airdrop of special forces near North Korean nuclear sites simultaneously. The special forces should try to sabotage such sites and then retreat to areas where they can either quickly link up with advancing US forces or retreat to the nearest beaches and be evacuated using submarines. Such a strategy is obviously highly risky and will entail enormous sacrifices. At the same time, it may also disarm the country before they launch their nuclear weapons.

Venezuela's Foreign Reserves Down to $10.5 Billion

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.
- Former British PM Margaret Thatcher

Obama's Lead Bullet Ban Repealed

Soon, there won't even be memories of Obama left, because nothing he did in office will remain.

Creating an Atmosphere for Mars

The project requires the deployment of a magnetic field to protect Mars, allowing the planet to regenerate an atmosphere.