Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Democrats Return to Their KKK Roots

Seeing so many Democrats wearing white to attend Pres. Trump's speech certainly brings back memories of the bad old days of the KKK.

Illegal Immigration: A Global Problem

The state of Ohio discovered at least 82 illegals have voted, with hundreds more illegally registered to vote. Thankfully, the new administration is aware of this problem and decided to drop the Obama regime's irrational opposition to the state of Texas's voter identification law. The Trump Administration's crackdown on illegals may also be reducing the burden on state educational resources by intimidating illegals from applying. The administration should subpoena those college records and find any evidence of illegals.

Meanwhile in Europe, Hungary is building another fence to keep out illegals. In related news, the influx of immigrants into Sweden led to a massive crime wave and the politicians are trying to cover it up.

US Should Terminate All Aid to Palestinians

The Palestinians receive $300 million from the US annually. At the same time, they're also paying the families of known terrorists.

Islamic State Executed Boy for Listening to Western Music

The 15 year-old boy was executed at Mosul.


Russia's new missile train can fire 6 RS-24 Yars ICBMs, each can carry 10 nuclear warheads.

The KGB Agent Who Went Native

East German, KGB agent who defected to the US.

CAR-T Therapy

New gene therapy successfully treat more than half of all terminal-stage cancer patients.