Monday, February 27, 2017

More on the Problem of Illegal Immigration

Sen. Durbin (D. Illinois) may bring an illegal to Pres. Trump's address to Congress. If he does so, I hope Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have agents waiting outside to arrest her. Investigation reveals doctors have been providing fake medical opinions to help people gain citizenship. The IRS discovered that 1 million Americans had their Social Security numbers stolen by illegals. Since Starbucks declared that it plans to hire 10,000 refugees, its brand perception collapsed by 2/3. Finally, I'm pleased to note that illegals are fleeing the US to Canada.

Pres. Trump Targets the EPA

I am pleased to note that Pres. Trump's budget will cut the EPA by 24%. In light of the agency's employees' tendency to use its budget to purchase fitness memberships, this is long overdue. The president will also cancel an Obama regime-era rule that will raise the cost of raising royalties charged to energy companies for operating on federal land. Now that energy prices are creeping up again, it will prove a boost for the US's shale industry. Finally, more than 300 scientists called on the president to withdraw the US from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Pres. Trump Will Raise Defense Spending

The $54 billion increase will be paid for through cuts elsewhere. As much as I applaud the idea, the fact is that the Defense Dept. wastes $25 billion/year. What the Pentagon needs is not just more money, but also some serious accountants to prune its budget.

It's Economical

Fast-food chain Wendy's is planning to install self-order kiosks at about 1,000 locations across the country by the end of 2017 to cut labor costs....
By raising the minimum wage and welfare benefits, liberals are only spurring technological development that will replace unskilled labor. The good thing about self-order kiosks is that their regular maintenance is cheaper than monthly wage and health care benefits, their time off is probably much shorter than human workers, and they don't file sexual harassment law suits.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Triumph of the NRA

The NRA spent $30 million to elect Pres. Trump. The president promised monster rallies in support of his agenda. Ideally, the president should hold joint townhall events with GOP Congressmen to encourage the GOP Congress to pass his agenda and to provide popular support for Congressional Republicans. The president should also stage his rallies immediately before Democratic Congressmen hold their own townhall meetings (particularly Democratic senators in GOP strongholds who are up for re-election in 2018) and encourage his supporters to attend their events and make their presence known. This can counter Democratic astroturf campaigns and pressure Democrats to support the president's agenda. The president can also coordinate with the NRA on these events.

Pres. Trump's Deregulation Drive

I am pleased to note that the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission appointed by the president has already weakened the absurd "net neutrality" rule from the Obama regime. Pres. Trump is also creating regulation monitors who will identify government regulations for repeal. In light of all these deregulatory good news, no wonder the Dow Jones has scaled new heights. Finally, analysis suggests that Obama added more to the federal debt than any president other than FDR, and he won WWII. What did Obama have to show for adding so much red ink? Part of the problem is that too much of federal spending occurs automatically, such as an Obama-era study on perverts in Uganda. Hopefully, Pres. Trump's new budget will eliminate such wasteful spending.

Time to Erase Obama

I am pleased to report that Pres. Trump is making good on his campaign promises to strengthen border security. A Mexican illegal immigrant who was deported for the 3rd time committed suicide. A far better outcome, I'd say, than what happened in Connecticut. After the Democratic governor turned his state into a sanctuary for illegals, an illegal committed murder and abduction. Finally, I'm also pleased to note that the Trump Administration is moving rapidly toward the construction of a border wall. The US should put out a sign on the front door that reads: "No Vacancies".

Russian Advances in Conventional Arms

The Russians probably invaded Ukraine with their elite troops. Even so, their improvements in conventional warfare, especially in light of their deficiencies that were displayed several years ago during their invasion of Georgia is quite impressive. I've often been skeptical about the idea of re-orienting most or all US forces toward fighting unconventional warfare. Ideally, only part of US forces should concentrate on countering unconventional warfare while the remainder should remain focused on conventional warfare.

Iran Continues Work on Its Nuclear Program

Iran plans to buy 950 tonnes of uranium ore from Kazakhstan over three years and expects to get Russian help in producing nuclear fuel, its top nuclear official said in remarks published on Saturday.

Should Germany be Held to the 2% NATO Standard?

I'm not so sure, in light of well-known historical reasons. It is often the case that whenever Germany arms, it makes their neighbors nervous and unsafe. Perhaps they should be held to a lower, 1% standard instead.

North Korea's Use of a Chemical Weapon

North Korea used VX gas to commit assassination in Malaysia.

Hope for Change in West Africa

In West Africa, people have high hopes for the man who succeeded the first African-American president.

Another Immigrant Doing Jobs That Americans Won't Do

Sudanese resident in Virginia convicted for attempting to aid the Islamic State.

Another Supreme Court Vacancy for Pres. Trump to Fill?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R. Texas) was a former Supreme Court clerk and may still have friends who work there. Furthermore, his statement suggests that conservatives will gain ground with another replacement, which in turn implies that the retiree may be a liberal or moderate. This may also explain the hysterical liberal opposition to Pres. Trump. They may have similar sources that told them the same information.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Certain Crisis Scenario

What if an important ally of the US, such as South Korea, suddenly finds its currency to be worthless?

I for one happen to find the sudden crisis that engulfed the South Korean president to be rather suspicious. In light of China and Russia's fierce opposition to the deployment of the THAAD system and Russia's expert use of its espionage capabilities, it's not beyond their capabilities, will and SOP to discover the South Korean president's improprieties and expose them in the hope of preventing THAAD deployment.  If this crisis fails to prevent its deployment, they might engineer other forms of attack on South Korea, such as an economic crisis meant to bring the country to its knees by attacking its currency.

In such a crisis, the Trump Administration should move to support its ally by coming to an agreement with South Korea in which Seoul will agree not to print any currency or issue any government bonds. In exchange, the US should agree to allow conversions of the South Korean won to the US dollar at a rate that prevailed before the crisis erupts. The full force of the US Treasury should save South Korea from financial ruin, strengthen an important ally in the Far East, demonstrate US commitment to its allies and earn the undying gratitude of Seoul.