Friday, April 7, 2017

What is Pres. Trump's Strategy on Syria?

The chemical weapon attack by the Syrian government targeted Syrians, not US interests. On the other hand, there is much to be said in favor of the idea that using WMDs should not be tolerated. Whatever position one might take, the more important issue is the overall strategy. Those against Pres. Trump's decision to strike Syria may have a consistent position based on a narrow definition of US interests. Those in favor must articulate what the endgame should be. Leaving the Assad regime in place creates the possibility that if he wins the civil war, he will remain a steadfast ally of Iran and Russia and a bitter foe to US interests in the region. On the other hand, even if regime change is on the table, the question remains: Who can replace Assad? If Pres. Trump has a comprehensive Syria strategy, it must be the best kept secret in the administration since no one knows about it, probably not even the president himself.

As the Syrian gas attack did not strike US targets nor is there any reason to believe that such an attack was imminent, Pres. Trump should have requested a Congressional authorization to use military force. The request alone could have been enough to deter Assad from any future chemical attacks. Obtaining such an authorization can be a perpetual deterrent and also open up more strategic options for the US.

EPA Deserves All the Insult It is Getting

I am delighted to note that not only did Pres. Trump continue his pro-economic growth strategy by further cutting back on bureaucratic regulations, he did it at the EPA. He also opened up the Gulf of Mexico for oil drilling. No wonder traditional energy is enjoying a comeback, as the French energy company Total will invest $1.7 billion in a petrochemical plant in Texas, hiring by coal companies is up, and Exxon will spend $20 billion to upgrade its facilities in Louisiana.

Europe Continues Its Inexorable Transformation into Eurabia

[N]ew Pew Research study showing that deaths among Christians outnumbered births in Europe by almost six million between 2010 and 2015. “In Germany alone, there were an estimated 1.4 million more Christian deaths than births from 2010 to 2015,” the Pew report states.
While Christianity dies out in Europe, Islam is rapidly expanding. During that same time period, births among Muslims in Europe outnumbered deaths by more than two million.

Pres. Trump Starts to Defund the UN

I am pleased to note that the president terminated funding for the UN Population Fund.

North Carolina Church Stands for Morality

I am pleased to note that a church in Mooresville, North Carolina barred the local boy scouts from using its property due to their acceptance of "transgendered" people.

The MQ-25A Tanker Drone

An aerial, refueling drone for the US Navy.

Vitamin C Treatment for Cancer

It worked by weakening the cancerous cells, leaving them vulnerable to the effects of radiation and chemotherapy.

New Desalination Method

A group of scientists in the U.K. created a membrane 'sieve' capable of removing salt from seawater to make it drinkable by using graphene, a wafer-thin sheet of carbon atoms.

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Trump Administration's Enforcement of Immigration Laws

The political leaders responsible for turning their cities sanctuaries for illegal immigrants should be arrested for criminal conspiracy, reckless endangerment, among other charges. Meanwhile, a border wall is a proven strategy as a fence built at Yuma, Arizona cut illegal crossings by 94%. The Trump Administration's tough enforcement of immigration laws has already cut illegal crossing by 2/3. Meanwhile, the GOP is planning to fund the border wall by levying a tax on the remittances that immigrants send back to the countries they came from. Finally, in Germany, a Somali raped 2 elderly disabled men and murdered one of their wives.

Syrian Government Gassed Dozens

The Syrian government used chemical weapons to kill at least 70 people in the northwestern part of the country.

Senate Supports Montenegro's Membership in NATO

The Senate voted 97-2 in favor of the state joining NATO. It is certainly true that Montenegro brings nothing to the table. But in light of the resurgent Russian threat, such measures to check Russian ambitions are necessary. NATO can be sorted out after the Russian threat recedes.

US Needs to Take Military Action Against Iran

Dreams about some mythical moderate Iranian element in the regime or peaceful means to facilitate regime change have repeatedly proven to be wrong over the past 38 years. The only option that can work is military action.

Time for GOP to Nuke the Democrats

I am pleased to note that Senate GOP appears ready to nuke the Democrats to the next incarnation. In related news, Justice Gorsuch is expect to have a strong effect on his colleagues.

Time to Return to Mass Executions

Arkansas is planning to conduct 8 executions in 10 days.

Eliminating Restrictions on 2nd Amendment Rights

The Iowa state senate voted 33-17 to endorse a "stand your ground" provision and to "allow children below the age of 14 to handle pistols or revolvers under the supervision of an adult parent, guardian or instructor, preempt local ordinances restricting gun rights, create a uniform permit to carry weapons and provide for five-year permits to acquire handguns rather than single-year permits." Gov. Gary Herbert (R. Utah) signed legislation to "lower[] the age for obtaining a concealed-weapons permit from 21 to 18."

US Navy Testing Electromagnetic Railgun

The ammunition can be fired at 4,500 mph.

Having Children can Prolong One's Life Span

[A]t the age of 60, the remaining life expectancy of men without children could be projected as a further 18.4 years, while those who had kids could expect 20.2 years more.
Women of the same age who did not have children could expect 23.1 more years, while those who did were likely to live another 24.6 years on average.

CTF Pink

The world's most expensive diamond, with a price of $71.2 million.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

More Criminality from Illegal Immigrants

The illegal immigrant Alejandro Ramirez-Jaramillo killed 3 people and wounded 3 more at North Carolina. Adolfo Sanchez-Reyes, father of a rapist in Maryland, is also an illegal. I am pleased to see that federal immigration enforcement officials are also taking advantage of legal proceedings to round up more illegals. Attorney General Jeff Sessions promised to cut federal funding for cities that harbor illegals. Immigration enforcement officers are also targeting such cities with raids. Perhaps liberal cities harboring illegals is not such a bad idea after all. This way, liberal cities will have their federal funding stripped while consolidating illegals for deportation.

Witness the Firepower of This Fully Armed and Operational Trump Administration!

The CEO of Starbucks Howard Schultz resigned from his position after he decided to employ thousands of refugees, attracting a boycott. The Obama regime made clear where their loyalty when they fast-tracked tax exempt status for a Satanic club. Important Democratic Party fundraisers are all connected to Russia. Obama regime officials may face criminal charges for revealing the names of Pres. Trump's transition team members. Finally, in yet another entry in the "Anything Obama touches turns to dust" file, a boy who lent his marshmallow cannon to Obama is now suffering from schizophrenia.

Trump Administration Will Boost the US Economy

The president signed an executive order to rescind 6 of Obama's executive orders on climate change. The EPA also rescinded a requirement for energy companies to turn over large amounts of data, thus lightening their reporting requirements. The Permian Basin of Texas and New Mexico may produce more oil than Saudi Arabia's Ghawar field, currently the largest oil field in the world.
Alaska is a particularly good spot for drilling as the Beaufort and Chukchi Seas contain an estimated 23.6 billion barrels of oil and 104.4 trillion cubic feet of natural gas. Developing offshore drilling is supported by 73 percent of Alaskans, according to a 2014 poll. Studies by industry groups estimate that offshore drilling would create 840,000 American jobs and nearly $200 billion in revenue for the government by 2035.
Opening up the reserve to oil drilling would create an estimated 736,000 new American jobs, according to an economic analysis. As much of Alaska’s land is controlled by the federal government, fracking there could bring big financial benefits to taxpayers. A Yale University study in 2007 showed that the oil beneath the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) could be worth $374 billion at oil prices only a little above today’s.
There is a 95 percent probability that at least 5.7 billion barrels of oil are recoverable in ANWR....
Finally, of the EU, only Sweden, Germany and France are foolish enough to comply with the ridiculous Paris climate change goals.

Pres. Trump Swings the Meat Ax

Pres. Trump's proposal for discretionary spending will see cuts to most federal departments, with the heaviest cuts targeting the EPA and the State Dept. Savings will go toward the Defense, Homeland Security and Veterans' Affairs Depts. The president is also making progress in deregulation, freeing up the the use of federal lands. The president's de-regulatory policies are encouraging more foreign investment, as the South Korean company Samsung plans to invest an additional $300 million and create 500 jobs while the German company Haribo will build its first factory in the US at WisconsinIf Washington D.C. raises its minimum wage to $15/hour, it can expect to lose thousands of jobs.

Obama's Astroturf Campaign

60% of people who defend Obama's health insurance scheme on the Internet were paid to do so. Of the 23 health insurance co-ops Obama created, 18 "have either gone out of business or are not offering Obamacare plans...." Of the remaining 5, 1 of them is already expecting a loss of $39 million this year. Analysis of regulations from Obama's health insurance scheme suggest that they raised insurance premiums by 68%. Florida recovered $165 million from Medicaid fraud last year. This was just the money recovered, not the amount lost. I am pleased to note that the Trump Administration's new administrator of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Secretary of Health and Human Services advised states to charge the poor and disabled for health "insurance premiums, requiring them to pay part of emergency room bills and prodding them to get jobs."

Tensions in East Asia

The US is testing secret military deployments to the Korean peninsula. This will be very useful in a preemptive strike on North Korea, an idea that some Japanese leaders endorse. Japan currently has 2 carriers and 2 smaller helicopter carriers.

India Tested Carrier-Based Missile

The weapon was fired from their carrier, INS Vikramaditya.

Pakistan's Plan for Nuclear War

Pakistan has about 110-130 nuclear weapons.

Expansion of 2nd Amendment Rights Continues

Gov. Doug Burgum (R. North Dakota) "signed legislation that will allow most adults to carry a hidden firearm without a permit...." The NRA promised to target Democrats who vote against Pres. Trump's nominee to the Supreme Court, Judge Neil Gorsuch.

US Navy Successfully Tested Ramjet Missile

The prototype was completed in 6 months.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Illegal Immigration = An International Problem

Survey suggests that about 40% of Canadians want to deport illegals. A 19-year-old Spanish-Moroccan raped a 90-year-old woman in Germany. A cursory search in a single county in Maryland revealed that almost 180 non-citizens registered to vote and 63 of them actually voted. Meanwhile, liberal states are trying to keep US borders open for immigrants from terrorist-infested states across the world. Finally, the Trump Administration's enforcement of immigration laws is having some effect as illegals go into deeper hiding. Maybe they can be starved out.

"Pro-Life Day" in Alabama

I am pleased to note that the state house voted 67-14 to amend the state constitution as a right-to-life state. Then it voted 63-11 to protect health care providers who have a conscientious objection to abortion from liability. Finally, it also voted 55-11 to ban assisted suicide.

New Hampshire Ranks 1st in Firearms Output

Thanks to industry giants like Sig Sauer in Newington and Sturm Ruger’s facility in Newport, sales of firearms in New Hampshire totaled $722.92 per person, the biggest output per capita in the union....

Trump Administration Flexed Its Muscles at the UN

Anti-Semitic UN official forced to resign.

Passive Heating

The health benefits of passive heating probably stems in part from the accompanying state of relaxation.

Boeing's New Apache Helicopter Deal

The deal is for 244 re-manufactured helicopters for the US Army and 24 new ones for a foreign government.

3 Millennia Old Statue Found

The statue of Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II was found in Cairo.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Liberalism in Action

A volunteer for Obama and Hillary Clinton's campaigns insulted the widow of a deceased serviceman. Another liberal nut insulted a conservative student's hair style. The latter was suffering from stage 4 brain cancer. Yet another liberal loon confessed to making up a hate crime. The actor Tim Allen denounced liberals for creating an atmosphere similar to Germany during the 1930s. Finally, speaking of Russian connections, a Democratic lobbyist who also happened to be the brother of Hillary Clinton's national campaign chairman was paid by a Russian bank to advocate for lifting sanctions.

Liberals are More Islamic than the Muslims

The Saudi government endorsed Pres. Trump's travel ban. The illegal immigrant Henry Sanchez and Jose Montano, both of whom have been in the US for less than a year, raped a 14-year old girl in Maryland. The illegal immigrant Armando Rodrigo Garcia-Ramires killed his stepdaughter while she was pregnant. Census shows that half the children in the 700 largest school systems in the country are immigrants, with 30% as illegals. Finally, I am pleased to note that Attorney General Jeff Sessions decided to drop objections to a voter identification law in Texas. It will encourage other states to adopt the Texas law.

The Truth Comes Out

White House Budget Director Mick Mulvaney says the Trump administration is cutting spending for climate change efforts because "we consider that to be a waste of your money."
I am delighted to report that a left-wing nut was forced to resign from the EPA due to Pres. Trump's proposed budget cuts. What this means is that the cuts should go even deeper to force more such left-wing loons to leave. The idea that there is a scientific consensus supporting the idea that global warming is caused by human action is nothing more than a lie. Maintaining solar panels requires a significant amount of water. In contrast to the wastefulness of "alternative energy", construction of the Dakota Access pipeline is ahead of schedule.

How Poor is Europe?

Very poor, it seems.

Pres. Trump Starts Repairing Damage Done by Obama

The new administration is working to restore the relations with Egypt that was badly damaged by the Obama regime's support for the Muslim Brotherhood.

Japan's Demographic Collapse

Last year marked the lowest number of child births in 117 years.

Yasen-Class Submarine

It uses "an upgraded Project 885M design...."

Israel's Arrow Missile Defense System

It successfully intercepted a Syrian missile.

"London Bridge is Down"

Britain's plan for the passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

US Needs to Modernize Its Nuclear Arsenal

The expected cost is $400 billion over 10 years.

Vitamin B can Mitigate the Effects of Air Pollution

[F]our weeks of B vitamin supplements reduced the damage of PM2.5 exposure by 28-76%.

The Marcial de Gomar Emerald Collection

They were "found on the wreck of the Nuestra Señora de Atocha, a galleon bound for Spain in 1622 which sank off the Florida Keys...."

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women Will March, on the Orders of Men

The Women's March is organized by a liberal group that does not include any women in its leadership. At least one liberal group paid ransom to Russian hackers to prevent them from revealing that they have been funding anti-Trump protests. A Boston law firm that donated more than $1 million to Democrats is under investigation for illegally raising campaign contributions. A liberal activist was sentenced to 6 months in prison for engaging in voter registration fraud. Last but not least, survey suggests that CNN's brand perception collapsed since it became the anti-Trump mouthpiece of the Democratic Party.

GOP Needs to Take an Ax to the Federal Budget

The GOP reinstated an ancient rule dating back to 1876 that "allows lawmakers to cut the pay of individual federal workers down to $1...." This is the perfect tool to cut the government down to size. While federal programs established by statute cannot be easily eliminated as an effort at repeal may be filibustered, cutting those employees' salaries down to $1 may force them to resign and effectively shut them down. Meanwhile, the Senate voted 51-48 to repeal the Obama regime's new resource management planning rule. Fishermen are suing to overturn the Obama regime's attempt to create a national monument off the coast of New England. The Trump Administration should, in the name of avoiding the law suit, cancel the monument altogether. Cuts in discretionary spending may help to slow down the rise of the federal debt, but what is truly necessary to ensure the long-term fiscal health of the country is reforming the welfare system. Finally, analysis suggests that the current Supreme Court rules in favor of business interests 60% of the time, making this the most business-friendly court since WWII. 6 of the 10 most business-friendly justice are currently serving on the court.

2nd Amendment Redeemed in Wisconsin

The state supreme court ruled by 5-2 that the city of "Madison's transit agency cannot ban passengers from bringing weapons on the city's buses."

True's Beaked Whale

The first video of this rare type of whale was taken at the Azores.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

That Cesspool a.k.a. Democratic Party

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) voted against a ban of corporate lobbyist funds to Democratic campaigns....
Meanwhile, one of the organizers of the International Women's Strike is a convicted Palestinian terrorist. A man who was convicted for illegally funneling money from Chinese government officials to Bill Clinton's re-election campaign in 1996 made a video as an insurance policy because he was afraid he would be murdered by the Clinton crime family. Finally, a high-ranking member of that criminal syndicate a.k.a. Democratic Party, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe vetoed legislation requiring the investigation of areas where the number of registered voters exceeds the number of eligible voters despite overwhelming evidence of fraudulent voter registrations throughout the state.

Victims Of Immigration Crime Engagement (VOICE) Office

Pres. Trump will establish a federal office dedicated to assist victims of illegal immigrants. A sheriff from Washington state testified to the Senate that illegals regularly get away with crimes (such as murder) that would jail normal Americans. A US citizen claims that she was denied college financial aid because her mother is an illegal. Since I don't believe in jus soli citizenship, the student should be re-classified as an illegal and then deported.

Finally, in Sweden, the influx of immigrants is rapidly transforming their society and the extremist Muslim Brotherhood is laying down the foundations for taking over their country.

More Economic Good News

The Dow Jones closed above 21,000. The stock market has certainly been highly exuberant ever since Pres. Trump's election. A reasonable reaction to the new administration's plans to deregulate and cut spending. The administration will cut spending for Caltrans, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and foreign aid. The cuts will be used to fund an increase in defense spending.

India's Economy Grew 7% in 2016Q4

It's a fall from 7.4% in the preceding quarter but still higher than China's 6.8% in the same quarter.

South Africa's Transformation into Zimbabwe Continues

President Zuma wanted to seize lands owned by whites without compensation to return to pre-colonial times. South Africa should be careful about what they want, because they might get it.

Terrorist Released by Obama Killed in Yemen

Obama released the terrorist in 2009.

US Should Support Its Loyal Allies

South Korea is considering suing China before the WTO over their sanctions due to the dispute over the deployment of the THAAD missile defense system. One of the many reasons why US foreign policy is a disaster is because the country consistently fails to support its loyal allies. In the case of sanctions against Russia, European allies suffer a disproportionate amount of losses due to their far larger volume of trade with Russia. Failure to offer them any compensation naturally created a lobby against sanctions. In this case, the US should move to support Seoul by levying retaliatory sanctions against China while offering some additional temporary trade benefits to Seoul.

Chemical Weapons Attack in Iraq

During the battle for Mosul, the terrorist group Islamic State has been using chemical weapons.

North Korea Takes Malaysian Hostages

People who treat North Korea as a normal country and even travel there as tourists have no idea what they're dealing with.

2nd Amendment Advances in South Dakota

The state senate voted 19-15 to "allow people with enhanced [firearms] carry permits to bring their pistols into the state Capitol."

Friday, March 3, 2017

Rare Glimpse of Bipartisanship

Rep. Stephen Lynch (Democrat, Massachusetts) suggested that the press lost their credibility with their incessant attacks on the president.

A New Era of Hope and Change has Dawned on America

I am delighted to note that an illegal immigrant who had the audacity to speak out at a press conference was arrested. Survey suggests that 80% of Americans are opposed to the idea of sanctuary cities. There is still a lot of work left to do on the immigration law enforcement front, as the Obama regime ignored 1.6 million people who overstayed their visas and California State Senate Leader Kevin de León claimed that half of his family are illegals. I guess it's time for Immigration and Customs Enforcement investigate his family and deport the illegal half. Finally, in Austria, 9 Iraqis who committed rape will not be deported for fear that they might be executed in their own country. Obviously, the Austrians won't leave any rapist behind.

Time for US to List UN as a Terrorist Organization

I'm look forward to the dispatch of army troops who will shoot every UN employee on sight.

Pres. Trump's Unilateral Trade Policy

Which may not be nearly as disastrous as some might think. Assuming the worst case scenario: The US is forced to withdraw from the WTO. In that case, the US can, temporarily, announce that it will still abide by WTO rules pending a comprehensive review. For those rules that are prejudicial against US interests, the country can withdraw from them. Obviously, other nations may retaliate by withdrawing from rules that are in the interests of the US. Possible retaliatory measures by trading partners should obviously be taken into account before any unilateral abrogation of WTO responsibilities.

The Only Way to Disarm North Korea's Nuclear Program

The Trump Administration is considering using military force to disarm the country's nuclear weapons. Sanctions and diplomatic talks have already failed, leaving only the military option untried. The Pentagon should study the possibility of a mixed operation: A conventional attack across the border and the airdrop of special forces near North Korean nuclear sites simultaneously. The special forces should try to sabotage such sites and then retreat to areas where they can either quickly link up with advancing US forces or retreat to the nearest beaches and be evacuated using submarines. Such a strategy is obviously highly risky and will entail enormous sacrifices. At the same time, it may also disarm the country before they launch their nuclear weapons.

Venezuela's Foreign Reserves Down to $10.5 Billion

The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.
- Former British PM Margaret Thatcher

Obama's Lead Bullet Ban Repealed

Soon, there won't even be memories of Obama left, because nothing he did in office will remain.

Creating an Atmosphere for Mars

The project requires the deployment of a magnetic field to protect Mars, allowing the planet to regenerate an atmosphere.

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Democrats Return to Their KKK Roots

Seeing so many Democrats wearing white to attend Pres. Trump's speech certainly brings back memories of the bad old days of the KKK.

Illegal Immigration: A Global Problem

The state of Ohio discovered at least 82 illegals have voted, with hundreds more illegally registered to vote. Thankfully, the new administration is aware of this problem and decided to drop the Obama regime's irrational opposition to the state of Texas's voter identification law. The Trump Administration's crackdown on illegals may also be reducing the burden on state educational resources by intimidating illegals from applying. The administration should subpoena those college records and find any evidence of illegals.

Meanwhile in Europe, Hungary is building another fence to keep out illegals. In related news, the influx of immigrants into Sweden led to a massive crime wave and the politicians are trying to cover it up.

US Should Terminate All Aid to Palestinians

The Palestinians receive $300 million from the US annually. At the same time, they're also paying the families of known terrorists.

Islamic State Executed Boy for Listening to Western Music

The 15 year-old boy was executed at Mosul.


Russia's new missile train can fire 6 RS-24 Yars ICBMs, each can carry 10 nuclear warheads.

The KGB Agent Who Went Native

East German, KGB agent who defected to the US.

CAR-T Therapy

New gene therapy successfully treat more than half of all terminal-stage cancer patients.

Monday, February 27, 2017

More on the Problem of Illegal Immigration

Sen. Durbin (D. Illinois) may bring an illegal to Pres. Trump's address to Congress. If he does so, I hope Immigration and Customs Enforcement will have agents waiting outside to arrest her. Investigation reveals doctors have been providing fake medical opinions to help people gain citizenship. The IRS discovered that 1 million Americans had their Social Security numbers stolen by illegals. Since Starbucks declared that it plans to hire 10,000 refugees, its brand perception collapsed by 2/3. Finally, I'm pleased to note that illegals are fleeing the US to Canada.

Pres. Trump Targets the EPA

I am pleased to note that Pres. Trump's budget will cut the EPA by 24%. In light of the agency's employees' tendency to use its budget to purchase fitness memberships, this is long overdue. The president will also cancel an Obama regime-era rule that will raise the cost of raising royalties charged to energy companies for operating on federal land. Now that energy prices are creeping up again, it will prove a boost for the US's shale industry. Finally, more than 300 scientists called on the president to withdraw the US from the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change.

Pres. Trump Will Raise Defense Spending

The $54 billion increase will be paid for through cuts elsewhere. As much as I applaud the idea, the fact is that the Defense Dept. wastes $25 billion/year. What the Pentagon needs is not just more money, but also some serious accountants to prune its budget.

It's Economical

Fast-food chain Wendy's is planning to install self-order kiosks at about 1,000 locations across the country by the end of 2017 to cut labor costs....
By raising the minimum wage and welfare benefits, liberals are only spurring technological development that will replace unskilled labor. The good thing about self-order kiosks is that their regular maintenance is cheaper than monthly wage and health care benefits, their time off is probably much shorter than human workers, and they don't file sexual harassment law suits.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Triumph of the NRA

The NRA spent $30 million to elect Pres. Trump. The president promised monster rallies in support of his agenda. Ideally, the president should hold joint townhall events with GOP Congressmen to encourage the GOP Congress to pass his agenda and to provide popular support for Congressional Republicans. The president should also stage his rallies immediately before Democratic Congressmen hold their own townhall meetings (particularly Democratic senators in GOP strongholds who are up for re-election in 2018) and encourage his supporters to attend their events and make their presence known. This can counter Democratic astroturf campaigns and pressure Democrats to support the president's agenda. The president can also coordinate with the NRA on these events.

Pres. Trump's Deregulation Drive

I am pleased to note that the new Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission appointed by the president has already weakened the absurd "net neutrality" rule from the Obama regime. Pres. Trump is also creating regulation monitors who will identify government regulations for repeal. In light of all these deregulatory good news, no wonder the Dow Jones has scaled new heights. Finally, analysis suggests that Obama added more to the federal debt than any president other than FDR, and he won WWII. What did Obama have to show for adding so much red ink? Part of the problem is that too much of federal spending occurs automatically, such as an Obama-era study on perverts in Uganda. Hopefully, Pres. Trump's new budget will eliminate such wasteful spending.

Time to Erase Obama

I am pleased to report that Pres. Trump is making good on his campaign promises to strengthen border security. A Mexican illegal immigrant who was deported for the 3rd time committed suicide. A far better outcome, I'd say, than what happened in Connecticut. After the Democratic governor turned his state into a sanctuary for illegals, an illegal committed murder and abduction. Finally, I'm also pleased to note that the Trump Administration is moving rapidly toward the construction of a border wall. The US should put out a sign on the front door that reads: "No Vacancies".

Russian Advances in Conventional Arms

The Russians probably invaded Ukraine with their elite troops. Even so, their improvements in conventional warfare, especially in light of their deficiencies that were displayed several years ago during their invasion of Georgia is quite impressive. I've often been skeptical about the idea of re-orienting most or all US forces toward fighting unconventional warfare. Ideally, only part of US forces should concentrate on countering unconventional warfare while the remainder should remain focused on conventional warfare.

Iran Continues Work on Its Nuclear Program

Iran plans to buy 950 tonnes of uranium ore from Kazakhstan over three years and expects to get Russian help in producing nuclear fuel, its top nuclear official said in remarks published on Saturday.

Should Germany be Held to the 2% NATO Standard?

I'm not so sure, in light of well-known historical reasons. It is often the case that whenever Germany arms, it makes their neighbors nervous and unsafe. Perhaps they should be held to a lower, 1% standard instead.

North Korea's Use of a Chemical Weapon

North Korea used VX gas to commit assassination in Malaysia.

Hope for Change in West Africa

In West Africa, people have high hopes for the man who succeeded the first African-American president.

Another Immigrant Doing Jobs That Americans Won't Do

Sudanese resident in Virginia convicted for attempting to aid the Islamic State.

Another Supreme Court Vacancy for Pres. Trump to Fill?

Sen. Ted Cruz (R. Texas) was a former Supreme Court clerk and may still have friends who work there. Furthermore, his statement suggests that conservatives will gain ground with another replacement, which in turn implies that the retiree may be a liberal or moderate. This may also explain the hysterical liberal opposition to Pres. Trump. They may have similar sources that told them the same information.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

A Certain Crisis Scenario

What if an important ally of the US, such as South Korea, suddenly finds its currency to be worthless?

I for one happen to find the sudden crisis that engulfed the South Korean president to be rather suspicious. In light of China and Russia's fierce opposition to the deployment of the THAAD system and Russia's expert use of its espionage capabilities, it's not beyond their capabilities, will and SOP to discover the South Korean president's improprieties and expose them in the hope of preventing THAAD deployment.  If this crisis fails to prevent its deployment, they might engineer other forms of attack on South Korea, such as an economic crisis meant to bring the country to its knees by attacking its currency.

In such a crisis, the Trump Administration should move to support its ally by coming to an agreement with South Korea in which Seoul will agree not to print any currency or issue any government bonds. In exchange, the US should agree to allow conversions of the South Korean won to the US dollar at a rate that prevailed before the crisis erupts. The full force of the US Treasury should save South Korea from financial ruin, strengthen an important ally in the Far East, demonstrate US commitment to its allies and earn the undying gratitude of Seoul.