Monday, September 14, 2015

Obama Regime Tries to Cover-Up Its Failures

An independent federal agency has just determined that the Department of Veterans Affairs retaliated against whistleblower Bradie Frink because he tried to get the VA to find his lost claims folder.
Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, "[a] hospital nursing assistant stuffed a wet wipe into a 96-year-old woman's mouth to stop her screaming."

Russia's RS-26 Missile

Russia is testing a new ICBM. Survey suggests that thanks to the Russian government whipping up mass hysteria, 59% of Russians see the US as a threat with 31% believing that the US plans to launch an invasion against their country. Obviously, the Obama regime delivered on its promises of hope and change and a reset of relations with Russia.

Israel's Arms Sales

Canada purchased Israel's Iron Dome missile defense technology and India will purchase 10 Israeli Heron drones for $400 million.

The Clinton Industry

The Clinton Foundation received $25,000 in a donation from a wealthy pedophile. While Hillary Clinton was in charge of the State Dept., they regularly approved speeches by her husband, raising conflict of interest issues.

Women are Unfit to Serve in the Military

I regret that money was wasted to confirm what should be common sense.

The Israeli Honey Industry

The Israelis are, famously, the people who made the (Negev) desert bloom. In contrast to the Muslims, who can lay waste to the Fertile Crescent.