Thursday, September 10, 2015

Time to Bring Back Internment Camps

Like the last time, this was proposed by a Democrat.

Europe's Quagmire

The eurozone's economic growth was 0.3% in Q2 and its unemployment rate was 11.1%. The more economically backward countries are hobbled by their bureaucratic red tape and are dragging down the entire community. In 9 EU countries, welfare benefits exceeded minimum wage pay. The French Economy Minister confessed that their 35-hour work week is hampering economic development. Thanks to Sweden's rent control policy, construction of new homes has virtually ended.

First was the Crime, Then the Cover-Up

The inspector general of the IRS reported that the agency erased e-mails from the IRS official responsible for targeting conservatives after Congress subpoenaed them. New report concludes that the IRS seized thousands of bank accounts without filing charges first.

How the Democrats Plan to Ravage the Country

People continue to flee from the high-tax liberal strongholds to states with low or no state income tax. The employment rate remains entrenched at 62.6%, the lowest level since 1977.

Lost Composition from Igor Stravinsky Found

It was discovered at the St. Petersburg Conservatoire.

Joint Light Tactical Vehicles

The US Army will expend $30 billion to build 55,000 of these new vehicles to replace humvees.