Monday, September 7, 2015

"Committing Suicide for Fear of Death"

That was the late German Chancellor Otto von Bismarck's famous quip about Germans who advocated a preemptive war against Russia. Now we have a healthy British woman who committed suicide for fear of growing old. Now depression qualifies for suicide in Belgium, even though the case involves a woman with no terminal illness.

Thank Allah for Stupid Terrorists

Two would-be suicide bombers have died in Pakistan after an explosive device detonated as they fought each other....

Russia Destabilizing the World

1/3 of Russian diplomats in Sweden are spies. Russia will also provide 12 Sukhoi Su-24 supersonic, all-weather attack aircraft to Argentina, increasing the threat to the British Falklands.

What Taxpayers are Paying for

High-level Commerce Dept. official took 7 government laptops home which was used by her children to watch porn. Then she tried to erase the evidence and abused her power to penalize a member of her staff who cooperated with the investigation. Study suggests that 5 million people emigrate from California between 2004-13. The loss to the state was $26 billion.

Fake Hate Crime in Colorado

African-American man staged a fake hate crime by leaving racist signs outside an African-American church. An "African-American" activist was revealed to be Caucasian. He blames his unmasking on a "white supremacist conspiracy". Liberals are beyond parody. Last but not least, Google Photos identified 2 African-Americans as gorillas.

Obama Regime Politicized the IRS

The IRS official responsible for targeting conservatives received $129,000 in bonuses. In related news, the Government Accountability Office reported that the IRS is leaving taxpayer information vulnerable.

KC-46A Pegasus

The US will spend $50 billion to purchase 175 of these mid-air refueling tanker aircraft.