Saturday, September 5, 2015

Federal Judge Upholds Freedom of Conscience

I am pleased to note that a federal judge barred the Obama regime from enforcing the birth control mandate of its health insurance scheme on a secular, pro-life group. Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, more than 1/3rd of general practitioners want to retire, another 1/10th plan to emigrate, and another 1/6th plan to reduce their work load by becoming part-time.

Daesh Advances

The Daesh now control half of Syria. They have also been using chemical weapons against the Kurds. In a bizarre turn of events, 3 Chechen women conned the Daesh out of several thousand dollars.

Baltic States Alarmed by the Russian Threat

The former head of NATO warned that Russia may attack the Baltic states. The 3 states are going on an arms spending spree by paying more than $366 million to acquire arms for self-defense. They are also stepping up military exercises.

Crime and Greenies are Twins

A renewable energy company that has received billions in U.S. taxpayer support despite federal investigations and former employees’ allegations of illegal business practices is in dire financial straits as shareholders allege securities fraud and investors drive down its stock price.
In related news, the toxic spill caused by the Environmental Pollution Agency will cost $27.7 billion.
Solyndra, the solar panel manufacturer who took more than $500 million from President Obama’s stimulus then went bust, sticking taxpayers for the loss, lied to federal officials to secure the loan, the Energy Department’s inspector general said in a report....

Crime and Unions Go Hand in Hand

Former head of a Florida teachers' union committed mail fraud and also donated to Hillary Clinton's campaign. In related news, California's farm laborers want to decertify their union by the Democratic Party's apparatus in the state refuse to count their votes to keep them on the liberal plantation.

SM-6 Test Successful

The USS John Paul Jones successfully tested the navy's newest defensive missiles.

Ancient Wall Paintings at Petra

The Hellenistic-style paintings date back more than 2 millennia.