Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Obama's Incoherent Strategy Against the Daesh

The Congressional Research Service reported that Obama's war against the Daesh is disorganized and incoherent. The Obama regime also stalled a rescue of 3 hostages in the hands of the Daesh for nearly a month. As a result, the hostages were executed. Former flag officers warned that Obama's foreign policy is destabilizing much of the world and contributing to the rise of Islamic extremists. Thanks to Obama's incompetence, Western countries are facing rising threats of Islamic terrorism. Fortunately, the Daesh are also incompetent in running their own affairs.

Ukraine Opts to Join a Pointless Alliance

The Ukrainian parliament voted to remove a barrier to joining NATO. This at a time when NATO's credibility is at an all-time low. Coupled with Britain and the US's failure to honor the commitment made in 1994 to support Ukrainian sovereignty, the Obama regime even advised Ukraine not to resist the Russian invasion. Finally the House of Representatives voted 348-48 in favor of arming Ukraine.

Obama Regime Tries to Make Things a Little Worse

Hundreds of school districts in the country have made layoffs and reduced hours for cafeteria workers due to First Lady Michelle Obama’s lunch rules, a new survey has found. 

Participation in the school lunch program is down, food waste is up, and 80 percent of districts have taken steps to offset financial losses as a result of the healthy rules....
NASA employees were caught buying child pornography and their identities are being protected. The "[s]econd-highest paid L.A. County employee in 2014 didn’t work a single day".

The GOP's Blockade

I am pleased to note that the Senate GOP has stalled most of Obama's judicial nominees.

US Navy's Laser Weapon

[The] 30 kW laser integrates six commercial 5.4 kW fibre lasers into one beam[.]

Religion Leads to Sustained Happiness

Study of 9,000 Europeans showed that participating in a religious organization can lead to sustained happiness.