Monday, August 31, 2015

More on Obama, the Enabler of Islamic Extremism

A number of past and current US military leaders stated that it was Obama's premature withdrawal from Iraq that allowed the Daesh to encroach upon Iraqi territory. Obama's policy of showing weakness abroad will only encourage US adversaries. Former Vice Chief of the Army Gen. Jack Keane bluntly stated that the Obama regime is losing its war against the Daesh. Former Defense Intelligence Agency Chief Michael Flynn denounced Obama's plan to fight the Daesh. No wonder a survey shows that 57% of American disapprove of Obama's efforts to fight the Daesh.

More on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

There are an estimated 12,000 Russian troops in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Ukrainian economy is collapsing, Europeans forged a new Munich agreement to appease Moscow, and the Obama regime is marginalized. One of the few pieces of good news for Ukraine is that some Russian troops resigned to avoid fighting in Ukraine.

The Baleful Effects of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Iowa will be hit by double-digit health insurance premium increases. In Britain, land of the death panels, a nurse murdered 3 patients.

Another Installment from the Wasteful Government Spending File

The inspector general of the Dept. of Homeland Security reported that departmental "employees used a government charge card to make purchases totaling $31,413 at Starbucks...." New study shows that billions of dollars of federal educational grants went to college students who never graduated.

Democratic Party Failing African-Americans

Some African-Americans are beginning to realize that life on the Democratic Party's plantation is disastrous.

The GuardBot

An amphibious surveillance unit.

Victory Over Polio Near

I am delighted to note that there has been no new polio outbreak in Africa for the past year.