Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How Much a Patient is Worth to Government Health Care System

The government watchdog for the Department of Veterans Affairs reported Monday that it was able to substantiate claims that the VA's Los Angeles office was sending mail from veterans to the shredder.
Meanwhile in Britain, land of the death panels, the Royal Albert Edward Infirmary in Wigan murdered a 70-year-old woman by first starving her and causing her to die of pneumonia and then lied about her having cancer.

Obama Regime = Mohammed Saeed al-Sahhaf

The Obama regime is taking on characteristics of Saddam Hussein's Information Minister as they claimed that the Obama regime succeeded in Yemen as the country's president fled the country. The ISIS (henceforth Daesh) burned 8,000 rare books at Mosul, Iraq and set up a base in Afghanistan. Meanwhile, European countries continue to fund terrorism.

Rampant, Wasteful Federal Spending

The Obama regime paid about $524,000 million to 18 violent sexual offenders. The federal government also made $20.2 million in Social Security payments to 130 suspected Nazis. 46-year-old man from Obama's home town of Chicago stole almost $1 million in food stamp payments. 21.3% of Americans receive welfare payments. Many reasonably well-off families are receiving housing assistance.

Decline and Impending Fall of Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from a brain drain.

More on Obama's Campaign of Encouraging Criminality

The Obama regime significantly weakened immigration enforcement. In related news, 276 cities that provide sanctuary to illegal immigrants released more than 8,000 illegals who committed other crimes.

President Bush More Popular Than Obama

To be sure, President Bush had a mixed record. But a mixed record always beats a disaster like Obama.

New Drug can Regrow Bones

[T]he drug, which acts on stem cells, suppresses a protein called PPARy. When this was reduced in mice, bone growth was encouraged.

Future Army Helicopters

The US Army is beginning plans to build the next generation of army helicopters.