Monday, August 24, 2015

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme Raising Insurance Plan Costs

To avoid the Affordable Care Act’s so-called “Cadillac tax” on rich benefit plans, companies are adding surcharges of $100 a month or more to wives and husbands of workers, hoping spouses will seek coverage elsewhere....
Meanwhile in Britain, land of No Health Service (NHS), a 17-month-old baby who could have been blinded was denied help by the NHS. However, thanks to an US charity, he was successfully treated in the US.

Iran's Malign Influence Over the IAEA

Iran successfully threatened the head of the IAEA not to reveal parts of the nuclear agreement to Congress.

Flood of Wasteful Government Spending

The inspector general of the Dept. of Agriculture reported that departmental employees spent $192.2 million at "bowling alleys, barbershops, and amusement parks...." There are numerous fraudulent filings for assistance after Hurricane Sandy to take advantage of the government's disaster relief.
Employees at the Obama administration’s Department of Labor look at porn on the job and lie about how many hours they work while the department gives out hundreds of millions of dollars in stimulus money to groups that can’t manage their finances.
Overall, the Government Accountability Office reported that wasted at least $125 billion last year. Raising the minimum wage will only encourage more business to dismiss people and replace them with robots.

Japan Strengthening Its Defenses

The Japanese parliament voted to allow collective self-defense. They are also interested in joining the NATO missile defense system. They are also buying 5 V-22 Ospreys for $332.5 million.

Obama's Murderous Campaign Against the US

At least 121 murders can be attributed to illegal immigrants released by the Obama regime. Last year, illegals were responsible for 3/4 of all federal drug possession charges.

Gerrymandering in the US

Maps of some gerrymandered districts in the US.

Mozart > Beethoven

Mozart's music can improve human memory but Beethoven's cannot.

The Long Range Strike-Bomber (LRS-B) Program

The US Air Force's next bomber.