Wednesday, August 19, 2015

The Benefits of Morality

Study of the 470 largest counties shows that conservative counties are more likely to have intact families.

Another Snapshot of the Obama Tyranny

The Obama regime plans to deny disaster relief funds to any state government that refuses to join the cult of "global warming". The National Institutes of Health spent $27,500 on bike subsidies. In 2012, the fools at California approved Proposition 39 to create 11,000 "green jobs". An investigation revealed that only 1,700 were created at a cost of $175,000/job. The state does not keep track about exactly what work was done and how much energy was saved.

A Tale of Wasting Money

Over the past 10 years, Social Security overpaid by $17 billion. They also seem to think there are 6.5 million Americans over the age of 112 when the total number of people in that category in the world is 35. The federal government lost $9.26 billion to rescue automobile companies. A federal employee used $60,000 of taxpayer funds for personal luxuries. This is an analysis of federal spending.

Tyranny in Britain

Preacher who criticized Islam being tried in Belfast.

Obama Regime Stands Up for Criminality

The Obama regime released 66,000 illegal immigrants with criminal records in the last 2 years. They also lied to a federal judge about granting amnesty to 100,000 illegals. The Obama regime is paying $231/day to detain an illegal, more than the cost of a double room at a 4-star hotel. Gallup poll suggests that 47% of Americans believe that the immigration rate should stay the same, 39% want it decreased and only 7% want it increased. One of the ways to stop Obama's amnesty is for state's to nullify Obama's order.

"The Farther [Obama] Gets Off the Stage, the Better"

Southern Democrats try to get as far away from Obama as possible.

"Mediterranean [D]iet [H]alts [D]ecline in [M]emory and [A]ttention [S]pan"

[P]eople eating more olive oil or nuts gaining higher scores in tests of memory, attention span and abstract thinking.

The E-4B Flying Command Post

The aircraft is part of an intricate web to guarantee the US's second strike capability.