Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Defining Deviancy Down

Supposedly upper-class women adopted the ethics and modus operandus of prostitutes.

Obama Regime's Delusions About Iran

The Tehran regime openly mocked the Obama regime for its fantasies about how Obama's capitulation can magically bring about Iran's moderation. Meanwhile, 10 Democratic Congressmen have come out in opposition to Obama's capitulation to the Iranian theocracy.

Obama Regime is Killing American Servicemen

The inspector general of the Veterans' Affairs Dept. reported that a Wisconsin facility where a Marine veteran died suffered from a serious of procedural failures. In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, nearly 1/5 of British patients can't make their appointments with their general practitioners.

Inaction is the Best Economic Policy

The 1920-1 economic depression was solved by... balancing the budget and raising interest rates. The head of the Gallup poll reminds us how the official unemployment rate ignores long-term unemployment and underemployment. Symptomatic of the Obama regime's Potemkin villages was a woman that Obama claimed to be an economic success story. It turns out that she was a staffer at the Democratic Party. It is actually very emblematic of the Obama regime: Anyone who belongs to The Party will thrive. Anyone who doesn't will perish. Study suggests that African-Americans and Hispanics are twice as likely to be low income than Caucasians and Asian-Americans. Finally, there are some encouraging examples of tax competition from abroad.

Zimbabwe's Monetary Reform

175 quadrillion old Zimbabwean dollars for 5 new Zimbabwean dollars.

Obama Regime's Environmental Policies at Work

Obama regime's new environmental regulations will dramatically increase the poverty rate and unemployment rate for Hispanics and African-Americans. Tesla Motors took nearly $5 billion in government subsidies and suffered losses of $359 million.

Time to Destroy Labor Unions

I am delighted to note that the Wisconsin state supreme court ruled by 5-2 to uphold the state's new law that "limited collective bargaining for public workers...." The state assembly voted 62-35 to "end mandatory union membership in the state." As a result of these labor reforms, labor unions in the state have been crippled. The GOP took full control of the Nevada state government and is now planning to pass labor reforms in that state. Gov. Rauner (R. Illinois) ended "mandatory public sector union dues...."

Saccharin can Inhibit Cancer Growth

[I]t could be used to slow the cancer's growth, providing the opportunity for radiation or chemotherapy to be more effective at killing off the cancer cell.


Researchers in Alaska have uncovered the bones of a prehistoric marine reptile dating back 70 million years.