Monday, August 10, 2015

Jordan Ended Death Penalty Moratorium

They celebrated with 11 executions.

Russia Continues to Lead on Morality

Russian district court banned Internet pornography.

Curse of Obama Strikes Again

Within 24 hours of Obama praising eBay for creating jobs, the company laid off 2,400 employees. New York state's ban of fracking is ruining numerous businesses. The country's labor participation rate collapsed to 62.6%.Unlike liberals, House GOP is busily deregulating the financial sector so the economy can have a fighting chance against Obama's efforts to smother it with regulations. Finally, this is an interesting map comparing US states with foreign countries.

India Signed New Defense Agreements with the US

India and the United States have sealed an agreement to jointly develop protective gear for soldiers against biological and chemical warfare, and another on building generators....


Milk can prevent dementia.

The $55,000 Telegram

Hermann Göring sent a message to Hitler in April, asking the latter to resign. Not surprisingly, the latter did not take the message very well.