Sunday, August 9, 2015

Saudi Arabia is Arming Itself to the Teeth

Saudi Arabia has twice as many British-made warplanes at its disposal for its bombing campaign in Yemen than those that are available for the entire Royal Air Force....
They spent $6.5 billion on arms procurement last year. They also signed a new agreement with Egypt to improve defense and economic cooperation.

Study That Supported Perversion Exposed as Fraudulent

Study that claimed that people can be easily persuaded to support same-sex marriage was retracted.

Snapshot of America Under the Obama Maladministration

The US economy lost $233.8 billion in productivity for the sake of compliance with an overly complex tax code. The US economy in 2014 was worth $1 trillion less than what Obama promised with his 2010 budget. US GDP growth declined by 0.7% in Q1 of this year. Rising inflation thanks to the Obama regime's heavy expenditures and the Federal Reserves loose money policy combined with rising energy costs thanks to the Obama regime's environmental regulations continue to raise the cost of living in the US, further squeezing the population. In local mismanagement news, an audit uncovered rampant financial mismanagement with the local government of West Covina, California.

Let's Toast the Wonders of Capitalism and Technology

While advancing technology made the shale revolution possible, capitalism makes it affordable.

Obama Regime's Lie About the Terrorist Attack at Benghazi

At the very time President Obama, then-Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and other top leaders were blaming spontaneous protests for the deadly Benghazi attack, the Defense Department broadly circulated a detailed intelligence report that said an al Qaeda-linked group planned the assault 10 days beforehand.

The Benefits of Whole Grains

Eating an average of 34g (1.2 ounces) of whole grains a day was associated with a 17 per cent reduced risk of premature death, study found
And a high consumption of cereal fibres had a 15 per cent and 34 per cent reduced risk of death from cancer and diabetes

Adolf Tolkachev

The Soviet engineer provided enough technical data to the US during the Cold War to save the country $2 billion.