Saturday, August 8, 2015

Obama Regime Trying to Undermine the Progress in Egypt

Egypt is improving its ties with Israel and they recently completed an expansion and deepening of the Suez Canal. The expansion and deepening of the Suez Canal is important because the old canal is too narrow and shallow to allow the passage of large container ships and oil tankers. This project may convince shipping companies to alter the routes of their ships and increase traffic through the canal. Needless to say, the Obama regime seek to undermine Egypt's progress by supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's campaign against that nation.

This is a Time to Seek Forgiveness

The Alabama state senate opened recently with a prayer to ask for forgiveness for popular acceptance of sexual perversions.

Liberal Economics Casts an Ominous Shadow Over the Land

Home ownership rate has dropped to 63.4%, the lowest level since 1967. Moody's Investors Service downgraded Chicago's debt to Ba1, the junk level. Wal-Mart will penalize its higher-skilled employees to cope with increases in the minimum wage. In other words, raising minimum wage will only turn the country into a less skilled nation. In light of such disasters, Obama naturally comes out with a new idea to make things worse by by creating new regulations on financial advisers. One of the few bright lights in the darkened landscape of America is Wisconsin, where GOP Gov. Walker chose to reduce funding for public education.

The Environmental Pollution Agency

The EPA triggered the dumping of 1 million tons of waste water into a river. The EPA also did not punish an employee who is a sexual predator and harassed 16 women.

Analysis of Population Growth

A detailed study of world population growth.

Seagull 1, Rat -1

With one swift swallow, the prey is gone.

The Hunt is Ongoing

There are still 3 Faberge eggs that are missing.