Wednesday, August 5, 2015

More Democratic Party Opposition to the Iran Agreement

Reps. Steve Israel (D. New York) and Nita Lowey (D. New York) both came out in opposition to Obama's capitulation to Tehran.

Government Health Care is a Disaster

In Britain, land of the death panels, 34,000 people contracted HIV or Hepatitis C due to infected blood transfusions and 2,000 of them died. I am pleased to note that Gov. Jindal (R. Louisiana) eliminated his state's Medicaid funding for an abortion group.

More on the "Global Warming" Cult

Nobel Physics Prize laureate Dr. Ivar Giaever denounced the cult of global warming. Obama's new environmental regulations will eliminate at least 125,800 jobs.

The Narcissist-in-Chief

Obama claimed that he can win a third term when survey suggests that only 1/3 of likely voters would vote for him.

Botswana's Path to Prosperity

While so much of the continent has remained mired in poverty and corruption, Botswana became the world’s fastest growing economy for three decades. Foreign direct investment and new construction can be seen everywhere in the capital city of Gaborone. Tourism to world-class destinations like the Okavango Delta has taken root and is expanding. And after starting off as the world’s third-poorest nation, with a per-capita GDP of $70 in 1966, today is has expanded dramatically to $16,377.

Using Vaccines to Treat Cancer

In one case an American woman given just weeks to live was cleared of advanced blood cancer. She is still alive three years later, and her doctor says she is not a one-off.

390-Year-Old Bonsai Tree

It was also at Hiroshima when the city was attacked with an atomic bomb in 1945.