Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Iran Establishing a Presence in Latin America

Iranian agents are infiltrating the region.

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme Collapsing

Just two years after Obamacare’s implementation, a Louisiana nonprofit insurer that received nearly $66 million in taxpayer-funded loans is closing its doors.
Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, "more than 500 hospitals, care homes and nurseries" have been cited for poor hygiene.

European Countries are Largely Worthless

This is one of the rare occasions when I agree with the Obama regime. European countries are largely worthless and undeserving of the attention the US has so long wasted on them.

What "Global Warming"?

Satellite Data Shows No Global Warming For Nearly 19 Years
Meanwhile, a useless wind turbine at Bayonne, New Jersey is costing the city $25,000/month.

A Moral Education

The Wyoming Catholic College rejected federal funds to avoid the immoral influence of the Obama regime from extending its tentacles into the college.

The Ethically-Challenged Party

Inspector general of the Dept. of Homeland Security reported that Gov. Terry MacAuliffe (Democrat, Virginia) received specially favorable treatment from the department's second highest ranking official even before he was elected governor.

WWI Combat Motorbike

It's worth nearly $47,000.

World's First Vaccine for Malaria

The ancient scourge spread by mosquitoes sickened nearly 200 million people in 2013, killing about 600,000 -- mostly in Africa.