Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Obama Regime is Aiding and Abetting Iran

While Iran is stepping up its military preparations, they are also expanding their regional influence by building missile sites in Syria and training the Taliban. The Obama regime, instead of providing support for rebellious Iranian Kurds, is actually providing aerial support for Iran's campaign to dominate Iraq.

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme is a Black Hole

The Government Accountability Office reported that neither the Obama regime nor the states knew how they spent billions of dollars on Obama's scheme. Meanwhile in Britain, land of the death panels, a 5-months-old baby died after his doctor left a voice message saying that he was very busy. The doctor later made the fraudulent claim that he visited the family's home.

The Fight Against Abortion Goes on

I am pleased to note that the North Carolina state house voted 71-43 to "triple the waiting time between required counseling and visits to an abortion clinic." I am also pleased to note that the 5th Circuit Court upheld new abortion restrictions in Texas. The Ohio state senate voted 23-9 to "prohibit most abortions after 20 weeks of gestation...." The abortion rate in the US fell about 12% over the past 5 years. Finally, Congress will launch an investigation into an abortion provider's sale of fetal body parts.

From the Liberal Hypocrisy Watch

While Democrats whine about a supposed gender gap in pay, both the Obama regime and the Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton pay their female employees less than their male employees.

Obama Regime's Dumb Power

In her confirmation hearings to become secretary of state, Hillary Clinton said: "America cannot solve the most pressing problems on our own, and the world cannot solve them without America. . . . We must use what has been called 'smart power,' the full range of tools at our disposal."
The president of the Czech Republic Milos Zeman banned the US ambassador from the president's residence for criticizing his decision to travel to Russia to attend WWII commemorations.

How to Make Sound Travel in Only One Direction

The new sound insulation exploits what is known as 'edge states' in quantum mechanics, where a physical state flows along the edge of a material while inside nothing happens.

The French Frigate Hermione

The 216 ft. vessel required 16,000 sq. ft. of sail.