Tuesday, July 14, 2015

From #LoveWins to #PervertsSufferaTraumaticFall

How shall I put this? The decline/descent of modern liberalism?

The Obama Cultists Want to Fight WWIII

Obama's cultists support nuclear war against Russia.

Another Climate Change Believer/Hypocrite

Bill Nye believes global warming is the greatest threat humanity faces — but apparently not great enough to make him think twice about taking an awesome Earth Day ride on Air Force One.
Unlike the US, mired in a superstitious belief about "globaloney", Australian PM Tony Abbott has frozen funding for new wind energy projects.

The Great Conversion

[N]early half of everyone [in the US] raised with no religion is now part of a faith tradition.

Falling Behind

European countries are falling behind the US in terms of GDP and unemployment. The European welfare state is choking off the continent's economic growth and it is also falling behind when it comes to the high-tech and energy sectors. The rise of socialism in countries like Spain will guarantee that the pit Europeans dig for themselves will remain bottomless.

Greeks Discover That They Can't Vote Against Math

The socialist Greek government was forced to sign up to a more stringent austerity program than it otherwise would have had the Greek people been wise enough to vote for a more moderate government. It does, however, afford capitalists the amusing spectacle of watching avowed socialists sign up for a tougher austerity program. Just like in communist countries, Greeks now have to familiarize themselves with the practice of waiting in line for everything due to shortages.

Photos of the Armenian Massacres

An estimated 1.5 million Armenians died.


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