Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme is Built on Lies

Pennsylvania's health insurance premiums may rise by up to 39%. The GOP remain largely united in their determination to repeal Obama's scheme. States continue to have trouble implementing Obama's scheme. Legal challenges remain and the scheme remains highly unpopular. The scheme is also far more expensive than Obama pretended it would be. More of Obama's health insurance scheme lies exposed. There is a "culture of unaccountability" in the Veterans' Affairs Dept. Finally in Britain, land of rationing health care, hearing aids are being rationed.

The Wisdom of Siri

Even Siri knows better than the Supreme Court majority.

Obama is Enabling Terrorism Against US

President Barack Obama’s lax immigration policies are inviting another massive jihad attack similar to the 9/11 atrocity, says Kenneth Palinkas, president of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees’ union.

Views of Eurabia

The transformation of Britain and the rest of Europe into Eurabia continues apace.

Greece and the EU: They Deserve Each Other

Greece is providing an entertaining spectacle of naive, liberal, one-world government ideology locked in combat with socialism. Meanwhile, the country is running out of food and medicine.

Tea can Prevent Diabetes

Two studies show that black tea has a glucose-lowering effect that could help prevent and manage type 2 diabetes....

World's Longest Rabbit

The 5-year-old rabbit is 4 ft. long.

Rare Coins

A rare five-dollar gold piece and a prized silver dollar each could fetch $10 million or more in upcoming auctions, making the American rare coin market as attractive, though not nearly as glamorous, as fine art.