Saturday, July 4, 2015

More Legal Challenges Against Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Aside from the challenge from the House of Representatives on the Obama regime's assumption of the appropriation power of Congress, Sissel v. HHS will hoist the Chief Justice Roberts on his own petard. Since Roberts defended Obama's scheme by claiming that it is a tax, all tax measures can only originate from the House, not the Senate. The House law suit may also be bolstered by a recent ruling of the Roberts Court on the Arizona redistricting case. While the Roberts Court again defended Obama's scheme, it will only lead to the demise of the state health insurance exchanges. Thanks to Obama's scheme, Massachusetts will raise its health insurance premiums by 21% and Illinois by 29%. Finally in Britain, land of the death panels, another woman died during childbirth at Homerton University Hospital in east London. It was the 5th such death since 2013 in the same hospital.

Liberal Nut Attacked Pro-Lifers

Liberal nut attacked pro-lifers in Austin, Texas.

British Funding for Islamic Terrorists

The wife of an al Qaeda leader who inspired the attack on the offices of the French satiric publication Charlie Hebdo currently resides in Britain and is on state benefits. In fact, hundreds of British citizens have joined the Daesh in the Middle East and many of them are still taking welfare benefits from the British government.

Greek Refugees

Over 200,000 Greeks have quit the country since the financial crisis began in 2010....

Defending State Secrets

I am pleased to note that a man who leaked classified information from the CIA was convicted of his crime. In addition, a California district court judge dismissed a challenge to the NSA's Internet surveillance operations.

Major Victory on the Medical Front

I am pleased to note that rubella was eliminated from the Western Hemisphere.

Anglo-Saxon Pendant

It is worth nearly $78,000.

World's Oldest Cat

It is 27 years old and resides in San Diego, California.