Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obama's "Well-Documented Disaster"

It's Obama's man-made disaster, but it's the population that have to pay for it. Macomb County, Michigan was hit with a $1.5 million fee from Obama's health insurance scheme. The cost of enrolling just 1 person in Obama's scheme through its system of co-ops was $17,000. In Britain, land of the death panels,
....staff at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust left a patient's family outside a cubicle for five hours with no explanation about what was going on.

The family could hear their mother's last hours, including her suffering several heart attacks and her eventual death, but were not allowed to see her until 45 minutes after she had died.
The waiting time for cancer treatment in Britain has now reached its highest level in 6 years.

Staples Mill Road Baptist Church Upholds Morality

I am pleased to report that the church fired an employee who was pregnant without being married.

A Regime of Liars

The Obama regime's "Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald falsely claimed he served in special operations forces during an exchange with a homeless military veteran that was caught on video earlier this year. McDonald’s spent most of his five-year military career with the 82nd Airborne Division...."

Permitless Concealed Carry in Maine

I am pleased to report that the state senate voted 21-14 and the state house voted 83-62 in favor of allowing people to carry their hand guns in a concealed manner without the need for permits.

Lasting Damage from the Traitor Snowden

Russia and China have broken into the secret cache of Edward Snowden files and that British agents have had to be withdrawn from live operations as a consequence.

When Japan Attacked Australia

The Japanese attack on Sydney harbor in 1942.

224 lbs Halibut

It was 7 ft. long and captured off Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Chocolate is Good for You

Dark chocolate can improve mental concentration and lower blood pressure. "[D]evoted consumers of chocolate -- including some who consume the equivalent of about two standard candy bars a day -- are 11% less likely than those who eat little to no chocolate to have heart attacks and strokes, and 25% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease."