Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obama is Ruining Health Care in the US

While the minimum penalty for not buying health insurance is $95, the average penalty is likely to be $301. Obama's health insurance scheme raised health insurance premiums in almost all states. The Obama regime only dismissed 3 people for the disastrous care offered by veterans' hospitals. In the Obama regime, incompetence has almost become a job guarantee. At the same time, those who revealed the facts live in fear of retaliation. In Britain, land of the death panels, the National Audit Office accused the National Health Disservice of age discrimination against the elderly. As a result, 20,000 cancer patients are dying needlessly each year.

VP Biden, the Creep

Biden got up close and personal with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter's wife.

US and UK's Oil Wealth

Currently, Florida produces 2 million barrels of oil/year but it can be increased 1 million barrels/day if drilling in the Eastern Gulf is approved. Fracking now accounts for 49% of US oil production and 54% of natural gas output. "Texas produces 18.81 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, well above any member of OPEC."

There may be 100 billion barrels of oil near Britain's Gatwick airport. Survey suggests that 42% of the British population support fracking and only 35% are opposed.

The Islamic Colonization of Europe

The percentage of Europe's population that is Muslim continues to rise. They are also starting to exert more influence over the British Labour Party. More than 8% of British schoolchildren are Muslim.

Drugs Make You Stupider

University students who smoke cannabis can expect to get lower grades across the board but especially if they are studying maths....

Gandhi's Friend, Adolf

Mohandas Gandhi wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler in 1939.

Ili Pika

They are 8 in. long and live in Xinjiang Province, China.