Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama's Scam

Former Rep. Barney Frank (Democrat, Massachusetts) said that Obama lied in selling his health insurance scheme. 6 million people may be fined by the Obama regime for not having health insurance. After causing such disasters, Obama's scheme will still leave 31 million people without health insurance. Meanwhile, 9 doctors in New York used homeless people to defraud Medicaid. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, the ambulance service in Yorkshire downgraded nearly 11,000 emergency calls in order to meet government targets. The systematic downgrades might have cost patients' lives.

Obama Regime's Nepotism

The head of a Justice Department law enforcement office used his position to secure a job for his son and other relatives....

Losing Ground

Latino toddlers whose language comprehension is roughly similar to white peers at 9 months old fall significantly behind by the time they are 2....

The Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from shortages of food and medicine. Their currency is collapsing and their reserves are being exhausted. Socialism can ruin anything, even an oil-rich country.

The Japanese Imperial Warship Musashi

The wreck of the vessel was found off the coast of the Philippines.

Baby Fish

A park ranger in south China has caught an enormous Chinese salamander that is the world's largest living amphibian and is known as the 'Living Fossil' because it has remained unchanged for 170million years.

Contraceptive Pills can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

Women taking the contraceptive pill are 50 per cent more likely to develop breast cancer with those containing high hormone doses more than doubling the risk....