Sunday, June 7, 2015

Liberals Getting a Taste of Their Own Medicine

There is Justice in the world! Obama's health insurance scheme is introducing more confusion to US tax laws. The web site of Obama's scheme already cost $840 million and the web site company just quit. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, nearly a million patients go to the emergency room because they couldn't get an appointment with their general practitioners.

The Failures of "Alternative Energy"

BP will lay off 56 Louisiana workers over the next two months as it shuts down a biofuels demonstration plant in Jennings.
A lot of supposedly "low carbon" power sources require "climate-unfriendly" metals. The UN's green climate fund may be used to pay for coal-fired power plants. Satellite images show that the summer ice cover for the Arctic is thicker and cover 1.7 million sq. km. more territory than 2 years ago. So much for the myth of "global warming". Finally, India demonstrated its good sense by rejecting a suicidal proposal from Obama to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. (i.e. limit their industrial production)

VP Biden Shows His Racism Again

Biden used a racial stereotype for Somalis.

The Basket Case of South America

Argentina plans to purchase 2 P18-class corvettes from China for $100 million. This is, of course, the country that defaulted last July and their economy had been rolling smoothly downhill for the past several decades.

Blue Macaw

The estimated population of such birds is 1,123.

More on the Dangers of Birth Control

A study found the [contraceptive] jab increases a woman’s chance of becoming infected with HIV by 40 per cent compared with women using other contraceptive methods or no method.

Pharaoh's Chapel

Located in Cairo, it was used 2,300 years ago.