Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Undermining Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

22 states continue to reject Medicaid expansion. Many doctors are avoiding Obama's scheme like the plague. Like Obama's federal health insurance scheme, Vermont's state health insurance exchange is also suffering from cost overruns and technical problems.

In Australia, the government had to raise Medicare fees to pay for that program. In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), their hospitals are being swamped by patients, with one of them declaring that they have standing room only for patients.

"Coming Out" is Liberating!

It's "liberating" alright. It "liberated" this pervert from the burden of being alive. Perhaps staying in the closet would have been better for him.

EPA Will be Hit Early and Often

Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee James Inhofe (R. Oklahoma) is planning a series of tactics to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency. People trying to peddle "global warming" undermined by Reality. The famous liberal Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe denounced the Obama regime's new carbon rules as unconstitutional. New study suggests that CO2 is helping tropical trees grow faster and trees absorb more of it than previously thought. Study suggests that "[p]eople who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not...."

Alabama's School Choice Program

The state supreme court endorsed the school choice program, a blow to the teachers' union.

Racism in Georgia

African-American threatens to kill all Caucasian-Americans.

Obama's Derangement Becomes More Obvious

Obama's lies about firearms in the US. The Texas state house voted 102-43 to "approve[] carrying handguns openly on the streets...." An international comparison of firearms ownership and the murder rate.

North Korea and Russia's Economic Ties

Russia spent $250 million to improve the port of Rajin, North Korea.

Th Evils of Drinking Alcohol

Survey of more than 49,000 Swedish men conclude that "men with lower results on their IQ test consumed higher levels of alcohol...." Report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that 6 Americans die from alcohol poisoning every day.

175 lbs Pit Bull

World's biggest pit bull.

The Stern of the Admiral Graf Spee

The remains of the German warship that was sunk near Uruguay in 1939.


Each pod is nearly 1.7 tons.