Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Reality of Government Health Care

The Veterans' Affairs Dept.'s Oakland, California office ignored thousands of disability claims. Thanks to Obama's health insurance scheme, employer health insurance plans had to substantially increase deductibles, forcing more people to forgo health care. The Treasury Dept. gave $3 billion to health insurers that were never authorized by Congress.

Over in Britain, land of the death panels, a man died from meningitis after waiting for an ambulance for 5 hours.
One of Britain’s leading children’s brain doctors snorted cocaine and an illegal party drug just before going on call at a major NHS hospital.

Perverts Have No Rights That Anyone Needs to Respect

I am pleased to report that Russia banned perverts from driving.

Liberals Keep on Having Memories of Events That Never Happened

VP Biden's lie about being shot at within Baghdad's green zone.

Racism in Detroit

African-American in Detroit murdered 2 Caucasian teenagers.

Greenies Face Gale-Force Winds

The GOP is working to undermine the Environmental Protection Agency. They also warned that there is no chance of any climate change treaty passing the Senate. A scientist comes forward and denounces the scientists who support the lie of climate change as people who prostituted themselves. Federal judge denounced the EPA for misleading the court and evading freedom of information requests. Finally, let us thank the 10 Democratic senators who voted against an attempt to regulate fracking.

The Increasing Popularity of Firearms

There is a surge in college shooting teams. Meanwhile, the number of women in Michigan who have concealed-carry permits for pistols increased 134% from 10,862 in 2010 to 25,418 this year.

North Korea is Miniaturizing Its Nuclear Weapons

They plan to mount nuclear warheads on their missiles.

SS City of Cairo

The vessel was sunk during WWII. Now, nearly $50 million of silver coins were salvaged from its wreck.

It was a Draw

Ambush by crocodile failed to defeat elephant.

Nocturnal Eating Increases Risks of Cancer and Diabetes

Eating regular meals at set times and then waiting longer between dinner and breakfast appears to regulate blood sugar and lower risk of illness.

Life in a Bubble

Located in France.