Saturday, May 30, 2015

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme Takes Its Revenge

Survey suggests that nearly half of the people without health insurance are unaware that they will be fined by Obama's scheme.
A majority of small businesses say the Affordable Care Act already has hurt their profits, forcing them to reduce or postpone investment, withhold raises or trim other types of benefits....
The Obama regime also plans to prevent veterans from getting faster health care through the private sector. Meanwhile in Britain, land of the death panels, in an effort to save about $122 million, the British government will stop providing multiple cancer treatments. A House of Commons study suggests that the NHS in Wales is worse than it is in England.

Texas and Tennessee Continue the Campaign Against Abortion

The Texas state senate voted 21-10 to "eliminate insurance coverage for abortion through private insurance plans and plans purchased through the federal health care exchange." The Texas state house voted 98-47 to add additional restrictions to minors seeking abortion. Tennessee became the 27th state to require a waiting period before committing abortion.

The Science is Settled: Obama is a Psychopath

You don't want to argue against Science, do you?

Another Racist Incident in Chicago

African-American male arrested for Facebook threat to kill police and innocent Caucasian children.

"Guntry Clubs"

New style of shooting ranges attract a new generation of clients. New survey suggests that 63% of Americans believe gun ownership is the best way to prevent crime. The Obama regime's push for gun control spurred a massive increase in firearms production in 2003. 10.8 million guns were produced that year, double the number 3 years ago.

US, South Korea, and Japan Will Share Intelligence on North Korea

This is the first trilateral intelligence sharing agreement among the 3 countries.

65-Years-Old Letter from Einstein Found

The letter was addressed to a Brazilian school.

670 lbs. "Micro-Pig"

It has grown to 10 times its normal weight.


Prosthetic ribbon can enable paralyzed patients to walk again.

The Future of Travel

Imagining the future.