Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Government Health Care Takes Its Toll

A Vietnam veteran who waited a year for a cancer screening at a Veterans Affairs hospital died of cancer....
Meanwhile, GOP state lawmakers around the country are forming a firewall against the expansion of Obama's health insurance scheme to buy time for the law to b struck down by the courts or overturned by a new administration. In the mean time,
[Dept. of Health and Human Services] executives spent $31 million taking 7,000 first class and business class flights between 2009 and 2013, including 253 trips for which a one-way ticket cost more than $15,000.
Liberals are busily creating a new class, the government class, that reigns over all plebeians.

Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), the NHD won't allow the use of Abraxane, the first pancreatic cancer drug in 20 years and one that can extend a patient's life for 2 months because it isn't cost-effective. In Britain, it's up to the government to decide whether saving a person's life is cost-effective. Finally the medical director of the NHD faces reality: Free health care for all is unsustainable.

Another Update on the Fight Against Abortion

Ohio saw induced abortions fall from 25,473 in 2012 to 23,216 in 2013 — a period when 5 of the 7 affected providers closed or curtailed services — state figures show. That was the lowest level recorded since the state began tracking the data in 1976, and part of a general downward trend that began in the late 1990s.
53 abortion restrictions were passed in 2013. The GOP planned multiple tactics to regulate abortion. Kansas banned a second-trimester abortion procedure. The South Carolina state house voted 87-20 to ban abortion after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

The Liberal Cult of Narcissism in Action

A military couple who planned to get married on a Hawaii golf course had to move their ceremony at 24 hours' notice when President Barack Obama decided he wanted to play a round....

Another Example of Racism in America

African-American racism against immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean.

The Fight Against Solar Power Continues

NAACP's Florida chapter came out to oppose solar power as they realized that "alternative energy" really means increase in energy bills which will have a more devastating impact on the poor. Expert suggests that solar power panels are largely placed in a sub-optimal direction. The Nevada solar power plant at Ivanpah killed 3,500 birds in its first year of operation. The Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project wounded 130 birds.

Improvements to Firearms Legislation Around the Country

Gov. Rick Snyder (R. Michigan) signed legislation to streamline the process of issuing permits for the concealed-carry of firearms. New Pennsylvania law makes it easier for firearms owners to challenge local firearms restrictions, forcing 22 municipalities to rescind their laws. The New Hampshire state house voted 212-150 to eliminate the need to apply for permits for the concealed-carry of firearms. The Kansas state senate voted 31-7 for the same thing. The Iowa state house voted 75-24 to "allow a child under 14 years old to use a handgun under a parent’s supervision."

India's Armaments

While China has been arming itself, India has not been idle. They're building their own aircraft carrier. They ordered 36 French Rafale fighters and they signed a nuclear and defense cooperation agreement with the US.

Spain's Plan to Invade Australia

...King Carlos IV approved the plot after a Spanish expedition arrived in Sydney in 1793, just five years after the establishment of the British settlement.

The Future Looks Like This

Future architecture.

Frilled Shark

The rarely sighted frilled shark - whose ancestry dates back 80 million years and is known as the living fossil - has turned up in waters off southeastern Victoria, Australia.

Victorian Art

Some of the best 19th century art in Britain.

Revolutionary Eye Implant

It is the first lens that corrects for all types of vision problems at once and can be inserted in just a simple operation. It works at any distance and in any light condition....