Sunday, May 24, 2015

Government Health Care at Work

The Beckley, West Virginia, Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC) substituted prescribed antipsychotic medications with older drugs as a cost-savings measure. The practice violated VA policy and posed a public health risk....
California's health exchange is violating the law by canceling private coverage for up to 95,000 people because they might qualify for Medi-Cal....
Meanwhile, a veteran is claiming that he is being held at the Memphis VA Medical Center against his will.

In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), a 78-year-old woman who fell waited on her floor for 7 hours for an ambulance. Thousands of British doctors are fleeing Britain to work in another country so as to escape the NHD's bureaucracy.

Obama = Worse Than Watergate

According to 3 of 5 political measures, Obama has been more of a disaster to his party than Nixon had been for the GOP.

The Solar Power Scam

Solar power makes up only 0.6% of total power generation in the US but eats up $39 billion in government subsidies. Solar power is really nothing more than an excuse for government welfare. Solar companies in Oregon and Arizona defrauded their customers. Meanwhile, the Canadian province of Saskatchewan is investigating Solar Hydrogen Energy Corp. for questionable accounting practices.

China and Its Friends

China is developing space weapons. They will also invest $20 billion in Venezuela. That country is a basket case, so I doubt the Chinese will realize many benefits from their investment. They're also selling 8 submarines to Pakistan that may be worth $4-5 billion. Meanwhile, the Obama regime $12.3 million in foreign aid to China last year.

Thomas Cromwell

The enabler of England's King Henry VIII.

Bowhead Whales can Live for More Than 200 Years

Scientists may have found the key to prolonging human life after discovering the genes that give the world's longest lived mammals a lifespan of more than 200 years.

Action and Reaction

The girl who received gifts from crows.

Thoughts on Art

Medieval and Renassiance art are not just beautiful, they are sublime. Whereas what is sublime is always beautiful, what is beautiful is not always sublime. The modern trend of rejecting religion in the quest of beauty is to degrade the quality of the human imagination. What is sublime must be transcendent, something that transcends the human experience, like a snapshot from a higher plane of existence. Whereas what is beautiful is almost touchable, comprehensible, and often inspires not a feeling of worship but rather of baser emotions such as greed. Hence modern art tends to be worthless compared to Medieval and Renaissance art. While Medieval and Renaissance art have their dark sides, such as their depictions of Hell, even those images were meant to inspire not just fear but also worship, desire for the better alternative. Whereas modern dystopian art often inspire disgust. One might say that whereas Medieval and Renaissance art uplift humanity, modern art degrades it.

Mark Twain's Dispatches Found

The texts were written by Twain when he was a 29-year-old journalist based in San Francisco.