Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Perverse Disincentives of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

The company Staples threatens to fire any part-time worker who works more than 25 hours/week to avoid offering them health benefits, thus effectively lowering their income as well. Cornell University is charging students who refuse to purchase health insurance a penalty of $350. Considering how left-leaning college students tend to be, I'd say they deserve it. After all, the general population who refuse to be coerced into buying health insurance will be fined at least $95. So it's fair for Obama's supporters to be penalized as well. Health insurance premiums are skyrocketing anywhere from 30% in Maryland and Tennessee to 51% in New Mexico.

In Britain, land of the death panels, general practitioners are delaying cancer referrals, costing about 10,000 lives/year. A patient who underwent a pancreas transplant had to remove her own surgical staples because she could not get an appointment with a doctor for a week.

Russia is Emerging as the Moral Superpower

As the US sinks into the moral sewers, Russia is hardening its stand against immorality.

Nutty Professor

Liberal nut went ranting on an airplane.

Wishful Thinking

Lawmakers on Wednesday demanded accountability from the Bureau of Land Management following an investigation that found the government routinely fails to secure proper bonding from wind and solar project developers, potentially leaving taxpayers on the hook for millions of dollars.
The Government Accountability Office report — which gives more fuel to critics who say President Obama will push “green” power at all costs — also said that the administration has kept shoddy records, may have shredded bond documents and blatantly treats renewable power differently than it treats fossil fuel projects.
In related news, a German study revealed that "man-made aerosols had a much smaller cooling effect on the atmosphere during the 20th Century than was previously thought", further undermining the global warming myth.

Espionage on the French Government

As in cases like this, the mistake is in allowing the secret to be exposed.

Benefits of Coffee

The panel cited minimal health risks associated with drinking between three and five cups per day. It also said that consuming as many as five cups of coffee each day (400 mg) is tied to several health benefits, including a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

CSS Hunley

[T]he first submarine ever to sink an enemy warship in combat - in 1864

The 80-Year-Old Agave Plant

The average life expectancy of such a plant is only 25 years.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Trials of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

The federal government has agreed to pay $570,000 in legal fees to attorneys who handled Conestoga Wood Specialties' successful challenge of the Affordable Care Act's birth control mandate.
California's state health insurance exchange is engaged in a campaign to hide its operations from scrutiny. Congressional Budget Office report suggests that Obama's scheme will cost about $50,000 to insure each person. The GOP reaffirmed their commitment to repeal Obama's scheme as the House of Representatives voted 239-186 to do so. Finally, the number of veterans who are on waiting lists for a month or longer skyrocketed by 50% in a year.

Liberalism is About Mass Murder

The Dutch are considering offering euthanasia to children under the age of 12. Assisted suicide in Flanders now accounts for 5% of all deaths. Many of the victims were not suffering from terminal illness. Some of them commit suicide on a whim or for financial reasons. In fact, thousands of Belgians have been euthanized even though they never asked for it. Euthanasia cases in Belgium in 2013 jumped by 27% over the previous year. Fortunately, there are still parts of the US that are holding out against mass murder. The Republican state senate of Maine voted 18-17 against a proposal to legalize euthanasia.

The Nature of Democrats is Stinginess

For the past 6 years, VP Biden gave an average of $369/year to charity. Last year alone, I donated about $5,800 to charity and I don't earn anywhere close to his salary. So, just one year of my donation is equivalent to 15 years of his donations.

Green Energy is Overpriced

As the use of green energy becomes more prevalent, energy prices are skyrocketing. Meanwhile, research suggests that $5,000 worth of energy efficiency upgrades only saved $2,400 in energy costs.

French Economy Continues Its Smooth Ride Down Hill

The French unemployment rate reached 9.9%. The socialist government felt compelled to drop its class warfare-style 75% tax on the rich.

Spice can Erase Fear

Curcumin, a bright-yellow compound found in the root of the Indian spice turmeric, prevented new fear memories being stored in the brain, and also removed pre-existing fear memories....

World’s Last Male Northern White Rhinoceros

It is under guard in Kenya.

Penny from 1792

It was sold for almost $2.6 million.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Popular Resistance Against Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Many Americans are rejecting the Obama regime's coercion. Thanks to Obama's scheme, individual health insurance premium rates jumped by an average of 50% last year. An owner of 16 IHOP restaurants was forced to sell them because of Obama's scheme. 243 people were arrested for defrauding Medicare and medicaid of $712 million. Obama's expansion of Medicaid will only encourage such criminality. Finally in Britain, land of the Random Health Service (RHS):
Patients are 18 times more likely to have their care funded in some parts of England than others....

Preparing a Loving Environment for Children

[D]ata show that the rate of witnessing domestic violence among children living with never-married mothers was 116 children per 1,000, “six times higher than the rate for children in intact families....

Obama's Regime of Fear

The National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) tried to hide an email about its fear of upsetting the White House from Freedom of Information Act requests by the Associated Press....

The State of the "Global Warming" Issue

The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration changed the statistics to create "global warming". Danish study suggests that the Earth's orbit is responsible for cycles of global warming that date back 1.4 billion years.

If You Don't Sell Them, Somebody Else Will

France will sell 24 Rafale fighters to Egypt and another 24 to Qatar for more than $7 billion.

A Very Brave Doctor

Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
- John 15:13

1,600-Year-Old Bracelet Fragment

It was discovered in Israel's Mount Carmel National Park.

Campylocentrum insulare

World's smallest orchid.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Health Insurance Under the Obama Regime

Obama's health insurance scheme offers virtually no choice to consumers. Iowa's health insurance co-op may soon be bankrupt and liquidated. The co-ops lost $614 million last year. Obama's scheme will spend $2 trillion over 10 years and still leave 31 million people uninsured. Finally in Britain, land of rationing health care, hearing aids are being rationed.

Party of Corruption, Part 120

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid helped steer billions of federal tax dollars to companies supporting a green energy group run by two of his former staff members and a current campaign operative.

There can Never be Peace for Homosexuals

To paraphrase Frederick Douglass:
While this nation is guilty of [tolerating homosexuals], it is as idle to think of having a sound and lasting peace, as it is to think there is no God to take cognizance of the affairs of men. There can be no peace to the wicked while [homosexuality] continues in the land. It will be condemned; and while it is condemned there will be agitation. Nature must cease to be nature; men must become monsters; humanity must be transformed; Christianity must be exterminated; all ideas of justice and the laws of eternal goodness must be utterly blotted out from the human soul—ere a system so foul and infernal can escape condemnation, or this guilty republic can have a sound, enduring peace. 
Kenya's deputy president stated that there is no room for homosexuals in his country.

British MP on Obama and the UN

The man seems rather astute in his evaluation of Obama and the UN.

Coins from the Fatimid Caliphate

Discovered off the Israeli coast.

US Cancer Death Rate Fell by 22% Since 1991

The overall rate of deaths from cancer decreased from about 215 per 100,000 people in 1991 to about 169 per 100,000 people in 2011....

907 lbs. Tuna

The Pacific bluefin tuna was caught off the coast of New Zealand.

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Obama's "Well-Documented Disaster"

It's Obama's man-made disaster, but it's the population that have to pay for it. Macomb County, Michigan was hit with a $1.5 million fee from Obama's health insurance scheme. The cost of enrolling just 1 person in Obama's scheme through its system of co-ops was $17,000. In Britain, land of the death panels,
....staff at University Hospitals Birmingham NHS Foundation Trust left a patient's family outside a cubicle for five hours with no explanation about what was going on.

The family could hear their mother's last hours, including her suffering several heart attacks and her eventual death, but were not allowed to see her until 45 minutes after she had died.
The waiting time for cancer treatment in Britain has now reached its highest level in 6 years.

Staples Mill Road Baptist Church Upholds Morality

I am pleased to report that the church fired an employee who was pregnant without being married.

A Regime of Liars

The Obama regime's "Secretary of Veterans Affairs Robert McDonald falsely claimed he served in special operations forces during an exchange with a homeless military veteran that was caught on video earlier this year. McDonald’s spent most of his five-year military career with the 82nd Airborne Division...."

Permitless Concealed Carry in Maine

I am pleased to report that the state senate voted 21-14 and the state house voted 83-62 in favor of allowing people to carry their hand guns in a concealed manner without the need for permits.

Lasting Damage from the Traitor Snowden

Russia and China have broken into the secret cache of Edward Snowden files and that British agents have had to be withdrawn from live operations as a consequence.

When Japan Attacked Australia

The Japanese attack on Sydney harbor in 1942.

224 lbs Halibut

It was 7 ft. long and captured off Norway's Lofoten Islands.

Chocolate is Good for You

Dark chocolate can improve mental concentration and lower blood pressure. "[D]evoted consumers of chocolate -- including some who consume the equivalent of about two standard candy bars a day -- are 11% less likely than those who eat little to no chocolate to have heart attacks and strokes, and 25% less likely to die of cardiovascular disease."

Friday, June 19, 2015

Swiss = Most Sensible People on the Planet

Last year, 62% of the Swiss voters rejected a proposal for government health care. Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, an 89-year-old WWII veteran was left on the trolley of an emergency ward for 34 hours before a bed was found for him. Government health care in the US is just as bad. The Veterans Affairs Dept. spent about $54 million with each payment at $24,999, "one dollar below VA’s charging limit for purchase cards." A large number of the uninsured would rather pay the fine than pay for the expensive health care offered by Obama's health insurance scheme. The Obama regime also sent out 820,000 incorrect health coverage statements whereas the correct statements only numbered 740,000. Needless to say, powerful people can use their influence to escape from Obama's scheme, as Congress and their staff are exempt. The little people are not nearly so lucky.

New Hope Ministries Stands for Morality

I am pleased to note that a Colorado church stopped a funeral service for a homosexual.

Is Obama Anti-Semitic and Anti-Woman?

[Chairman of the Democratic National Committee] Wasserman Schultz has a different sense of herself. According to people who spoke with her, when she sensed Obama was considering replacing her as chair in 2013, she began to line up supporters to suggest the move was both anti-woman and anti-Semitic.
It is not surprising to see a party that thrives on identity politics and ethnic grievances use such tactics against one another.

That Lunatics Asylum a.k.a. Britain

From Adrian Hyyrylainen-Trett to Sadiq Khan, Britain is a country governed by madmen.

The Heritage of Olive Oil

It was used 8,000 years ago.


Eating half a handful of peanuts or nuts a day could protect against death from cancer and heart disease....
Exposing babies to peanuts can cut the probability of peanut allergy by 80%.

65 lbs. Striped Bass

It was caught in Missouri.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

How About Simply ""?

The Obama regime has trouble selling its health insurance scheme. Thanks to Obama's scheme, a health insurance provider in Wisconsin has to shut down, further limiting patient choice. Survey suggests that 43% of the people without health insurance are unaware that Obama's scheme will impose a fine on them. The inspector general of the Dept. of Health and Human Services reported that the Obama regime can't account for $2.8 billion worth of subsidies offered by Obama's scheme. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, an 86-year-old man who fell down had to wait more than an hour before an ambulance arrived.

Democratic Party's Endorsement of Totalitarianism

Survey suggests that a plurality of Democrats (43%) think Obama should ignore the judiciary whenever it suits him.

Little Britain

The British conservative Melanie Phillips remarked that when Margaret Thatcher became the PM, she seized Britain by the scruff of her neck, shook her until her teeth chattered, and shouted: "You will be great again." And so she was. Now, the British Army's personnel may be cut to just 60,000. The British economy is only about 1/6 that of the US. If Britain can't offer substantial military assets, then the Congressional Research Service would be fully justified in declaring that the so-called "special relationship" is over and the US is better off looking for stronger allies elsewhere.

Lion Climbed Tree to Escape Buffalo

It occurred in Kenya.

More Results from Drug Legalization

Colorado's legal marijuana is three times stronger than it was a generation ago and is often contaminated with heavy metals, pesticides, fungus and bacteria....

Ancient Treasure Found in Israel

They date back to the era of Alexander the Great.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Florida GOP Takes Principled Stand Against Obama

I am pleased to report that the state house voted 72-41 against expansion of Obama's health insurance scheme in their state. Meanwhile, Medicaid's reimbursement for doctors will drop by 43% nationwide and 60% for California. Just like so many other Democratic Party schemes to expand the State, Obama's scheme could only be sold through distortions and deception. "[A]n internal Veterans Affairs memo that allowed bureaucrats to cook their books and assert they were answering diligently President Obama’s call to reduce the backlog of veterans’ benefits claims." Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, we see yet another example of social welfare encouraging criminality as a Nigerian woman engaged in fraud to receive free health care.

Obama Regime's Trouble with English

The Obama regime need to be sent back to school.

Markus R

Rogue employee of the German intelligence service BND sold a list of German agents abroad.

Wireless Transmission of Solar Power

[R]esearchers used microwaves to deliver 1.8 kilowatts of power - enough to run an electric kettle - through the air with pinpoint accuracy to a receiver 170ft (55 metres) away.

552 lbs. Grouper

It was captured near Sanibel, Florida.

More on That Slave Owner, George Washington

In 1776, Washington owned 150 slaves.

Marijuana Use can Inhibit Motor Neuron Functions

Marijuana users can sometimes have difficulty speaking, breathing and swallowing food as a result of muscle weakness.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

The Unraveling of Government Health Care

The online insurance marketplace that Vermont built to enroll people in private coverage under the law had extensive technical failures.
Obama's health insurance scheme has taken a hatchet to low-income workers.
The Department of Veterans Affairs has been spending at least $6 billion a year in violation of federal contracting rules to pay for medical care and supplies, wasting taxpayer money and putting veterans at risk....
The inspector general of the dept. "started a formal investigation into the nearly $300,000 relocation bonus paid to a senior VA official when she was transferred from Washington to lead the Philadelphia regional office last year." Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, a 92-year-old man had to wait 26 hours in the emergency ward because there were no hospital beds available.

Obama = The Anti-Science President

In 2008, Obama called the science on vaccination as "inconclusive". This is not surprising, we're talking about the president who whined about ATMs taking away people's jobs. To be fair to Obama, he does represent his core constituency, the scientifically illiterate liberals:
The communities where anti-vaxxers cluster are also among the most liberal. Marin County, San Francsico County and Alameda County all voted overwhelmingly for Obama in 2008. In Marin, 78 percent of the vote went to Obama. In San Francisco, it was 84 percent. And in Alameda, it was 79 percent. That's all higher than what Obama got in his own home county of Cook County, Illinois. Here, too, Sacramento is an exception. Only 58 percent of the county went for Obama in 2008.
The Prius drivers and the press are among the worst offenders.

BND Assisted the US to Find bin Laden

The information on bin Laden came from a BND informant within Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence agency and confirmed CIA suspicions....
In related news, the Obama regime warned the German government that it will terminate intelligence cooperation if the country offered asylum to the traitor Edward Snowden.

Heat Pumps

The system works by using cold water to evaporate liquid ammonia.

Time Capsule from 1795

It was buried by Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.

Pocket Shark

It is 5.5 in. long and weighs half an ounce.

Consequences of Drug Legalization

Drug legalization encouraged people to grow marijuana which led to people burning their own houses down.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Obama's Health Insurance Scheme is Full of Holes

Literally, as 13% of the people who signed onto it this year already dropped out because they couldn't pay the premiums. Meanwhile, the Congressional Budget Office reported that the fools who signed up for it can expect increases in their premiums of about 8% a year until 2018. The Obama regime is expecting double-digit premium increases for next year. Nearly half of the state health insurance exchanges are struggling financially. Finally in Britain, land of the death panels, "[a]n ambulance crew left the body of a dead man on the floor rather than take it to a mortuary, so they could finish their shift on time...." Obviously Britain is back to the "good old days" of the Callaghan government when bodies were left unburied because the grave diggers were on strike. As the saying goes, history repeats itself. First time as tragedy, second times as farce. We're at the farce stage of Britain now.

Federal Court Stops Liberal Attempt to Intimidate Conservatives

I am pleased to report that a federal judge "blocked efforts by officials in California to force a conservative group to hand over the names of its donors, saying the order could violate those donors’ First Amendment rights."

New Type of Nuclear Reactor

Among its many attractive features, it "cannot be repurposed for military use and has strong proliferation resistance".

German Economy Slowing Down

German economy grew by 0.7% in 2014Q4, a slight increase over the 0.3% of the preceding quarter but its economy has entered deflation.

Omura's Whale

It is only the second sighting of the species in Australia.

King Herod's Palace

Herodium is near Jerusalem.

That Explains a Lot

This certainly helps explain former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and VP Biden.

Friday, June 12, 2015

The Traitor-in-Chief

Retired Admiral James Lyons, former commander of the US Pacific Fleet and former deputy chief of naval operations on the Obama regime:
The Obama administration has a strategy. It is very simple. Any thinking American should be able to grasp it. It’s anti-American, anti-Western, it’s pro-Islamic, pro-Iranian, and pro-Muslim Brotherhood....

The Benefits of Oil Drilling

Arctic drilling for oil near Alaska has resumed. Environmental Protection Agency's study of fracking found no evidence that it led to ground water contamination. US will export ultra-light crude oil for the first time in 4 decades.

Radical Muslims are Like the EU

They support democracy until it gives them what they want.

Possible Site for Jesus's Trial

Questions about the location stem from various interpretations of the Gospels, which describe how Jesus of Nazareth was brought before Pilate in the “praetorium,” a Latin term for a general’s tent within a Roman encampment.

Smallest Chihuahua in the World

The dog is about 10.6 oz.

Drug Use can Lower IQ and Income

The reduction in IQ for those who smoked pot heavily prior to age 18 was most pronounced: an average of eight points. An eight point reduction in IQ is enough to have a significant, negative impact upon your life. To put it into context, consider that individuals with an IQ of 110 have an average net worth of $71,000 and individuals with an IQ of 120 have an average net worth of $128,000. It looks like smoking pot can lower your tax bracket.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Obama is Ruining Health Care in the US

While the minimum penalty for not buying health insurance is $95, the average penalty is likely to be $301. Obama's health insurance scheme raised health insurance premiums in almost all states. The Obama regime only dismissed 3 people for the disastrous care offered by veterans' hospitals. In the Obama regime, incompetence has almost become a job guarantee. At the same time, those who revealed the facts live in fear of retaliation. In Britain, land of the death panels, the National Audit Office accused the National Health Disservice of age discrimination against the elderly. As a result, 20,000 cancer patients are dying needlessly each year.

VP Biden, the Creep

Biden got up close and personal with Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter's wife.

US and UK's Oil Wealth

Currently, Florida produces 2 million barrels of oil/year but it can be increased 1 million barrels/day if drilling in the Eastern Gulf is approved. Fracking now accounts for 49% of US oil production and 54% of natural gas output. "Texas produces 18.81 billion cubic feet of natural gas per day, well above any member of OPEC."

There may be 100 billion barrels of oil near Britain's Gatwick airport. Survey suggests that 42% of the British population support fracking and only 35% are opposed.

The Islamic Colonization of Europe

The percentage of Europe's population that is Muslim continues to rise. They are also starting to exert more influence over the British Labour Party. More than 8% of British schoolchildren are Muslim.

Drugs Make You Stupider

University students who smoke cannabis can expect to get lower grades across the board but especially if they are studying maths....

Gandhi's Friend, Adolf

Mohandas Gandhi wrote a letter to Adolf Hitler in 1939.

Ili Pika

They are 8 in. long and live in Xinjiang Province, China.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama's Scam

Former Rep. Barney Frank (Democrat, Massachusetts) said that Obama lied in selling his health insurance scheme. 6 million people may be fined by the Obama regime for not having health insurance. After causing such disasters, Obama's scheme will still leave 31 million people without health insurance. Meanwhile, 9 doctors in New York used homeless people to defraud Medicaid. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, the ambulance service in Yorkshire downgraded nearly 11,000 emergency calls in order to meet government targets. The systematic downgrades might have cost patients' lives.

Obama Regime's Nepotism

The head of a Justice Department law enforcement office used his position to secure a job for his son and other relatives....

Losing Ground

Latino toddlers whose language comprehension is roughly similar to white peers at 9 months old fall significantly behind by the time they are 2....

The Socialist Paradise of Venezuela

Venezuela is suffering from shortages of food and medicine. Their currency is collapsing and their reserves are being exhausted. Socialism can ruin anything, even an oil-rich country.

The Japanese Imperial Warship Musashi

The wreck of the vessel was found off the coast of the Philippines.

Baby Fish

A park ranger in south China has caught an enormous Chinese salamander that is the world's largest living amphibian and is known as the 'Living Fossil' because it has remained unchanged for 170million years.

Contraceptive Pills can Increase the Risk of Breast Cancer

Women taking the contraceptive pill are 50 per cent more likely to develop breast cancer with those containing high hormone doses more than doubling the risk....

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Sting Operation Against Obama Regime's Criminal Incompetence

An undercover operation found that the majority of fake Obamacare applications submitted were approved by the health law's enrollment system.
Obama's health insurance scheme is also complicating an already overly complex tax system. Employers who reimbursed their employees' health insurance premiums may also be fined. The Phoenix Department of Veterans Affairs medical center continues to be mired in lack of efficiency and poor health care. Finally in Britain, land of the death panels, doctors missed 25 opportunities to detect a 48-year-old woman's lung cancer. As a result, she now has only 6 months to live.

Mormon Church Enforces Its Rules

I am pleased to report that a Mormon was expelled by his church for apostasy because of his support of homosexual rights.

Kerry's Lie on "Climate Change"

Secretary of State John Kerry lied about organizing the first congressional hearing on "climate change". Solar power continues to rely heavily on government subsidies While the process of producing solar panels creates toxic byproducts. The Swiss demonstrated their usual good sense and 92% of them rejected a carbon tax proposal.

Obama Regime Embraces Anti-Semitism

Obama regime invited a Muslim leader who peddled conspiracy theories about Israel being responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attacks to their Countering Violent Extremism summit.

The Self-Destruction of Venezuela

Venezuela's inflation rate is at 64-120%. Moody's downgraded Venezuela's bond rating to Caa3, one level above default. Low oil prices are also hammering the country's economy. Their currency exchange rate collapsed from $1 = 88 bolivars a year ago to $1 = 190 bolivars. Naturally, the socialist government continued digging the hole that they're in by nationalizing food distribution. Socialists around the world are all the same. Whenever there is a problem, the answer is always: more government.

Healthy Replacements for Statins

Nuts, olive oil, and apples can replace statins in lowering cholesterol.

In Which the Man of Science Also Proved to be a Man of Conscience

The German scientist Heinrich Wieland won the 1927 Nobel chemistry prize. Then he tried to protect his Jewish students at the University of Munich from the Nazis.

Mola Mola

The largest specimens can reach 14ft vertically and 10ft horizontally, weighing nearly 5,000lb.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

Liberals Getting a Taste of Their Own Medicine

There is Justice in the world! Obama's health insurance scheme is introducing more confusion to US tax laws. The web site of Obama's scheme already cost $840 million and the web site company just quit. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, nearly a million patients go to the emergency room because they couldn't get an appointment with their general practitioners.

The Failures of "Alternative Energy"

BP will lay off 56 Louisiana workers over the next two months as it shuts down a biofuels demonstration plant in Jennings.
A lot of supposedly "low carbon" power sources require "climate-unfriendly" metals. The UN's green climate fund may be used to pay for coal-fired power plants. Satellite images show that the summer ice cover for the Arctic is thicker and cover 1.7 million sq. km. more territory than 2 years ago. So much for the myth of "global warming". Finally, India demonstrated its good sense by rejecting a suicidal proposal from Obama to limit their greenhouse gas emissions. (i.e. limit their industrial production)

VP Biden Shows His Racism Again

Biden used a racial stereotype for Somalis.

The Basket Case of South America

Argentina plans to purchase 2 P18-class corvettes from China for $100 million. This is, of course, the country that defaulted last July and their economy had been rolling smoothly downhill for the past several decades.

Blue Macaw

The estimated population of such birds is 1,123.

More on the Dangers of Birth Control

A study found the [contraceptive] jab increases a woman’s chance of becoming infected with HIV by 40 per cent compared with women using other contraceptive methods or no method.

Pharaoh's Chapel

Located in Cairo, it was used 2,300 years ago.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

US, After Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln: "Fondly do we hope, fervently do we pray, that this mighty scourge of [Obama] may speedily pass away." The GOP is offering an alternative health insurance plan that is far more market-friendly. 800,000 people who enrolled in Obama's scheme were sent the wrong tax information. Meanwhile, a fugitive who escaped from prison in 1976 turned himself in to enjoy free health care.

In Greece, their hospitals "have run out of supplies such as painkillers, scissors and sheets as swingeing budget cuts have left the health service unable to provide even basic provisions for operations and medical procedures." In Britain, land of the death panels, 6 breast cancer drugs were banned by the National Death Service.

Obama = Worst and Overrated President of the US

According to a Brookings Institution survey of American Political Science Association scholars, they put Obama on the worst, not best, list by a margin of nearly three-to-one. Here's how Brookings wrote it: “Those who view Obama as one of the worst American presidents outnumber those who view him as one of the best by nearly a 3-1 margin.”
And, the friendly think tank added, “nearly twice as many respondents view Obama as over-rated than do those who consider him under-rated.”

Obama Regime Unleashes EPA on the US

The EPA lied about the benefits of a new regulation to justify their strangling of the US economy. This despite the facts that natural variability can account for supposed temperature increases in recent years and that the supposed threat of ocean acidification from "global warming" (a.k.a. "globaloney") is alarmist nonsense. Meanwhile, green technology turns out to be every bit as worthless as it always had been as a Ford plant that Obama visited was closed due to insufficient demand. Fortunately, there's still some semblance of Reason as Gov. Tomblin (D. West Virginia) signed legislation to repeal the state's "alternative energy" mandate. The legislation passed the state senate by 33-0 and the state house by 95-4.

I Agree with Bill Clinton

As late as February, 2003, former president Bill Clinton was talking about Saddam Hussein's stockpile of WMDs. Operation Avarice in 2005-6 eliminated Saddam Hussein's remaining chemical weapons. The US also removed 550 metric tons of yellowcake, "material for higher-grade nuclear enrichment" from Iraq. Regrettably, some American troops still inadvertently came into contact with WMDs.

Dangers of Birth Control

Birth control pills have been known to cause mood swings, weight gain and nausea.
Now a new study claims there may be another troubling side effect to the drug; it could shrink your brain.
Neuroscientists have found that two key brain regions responsible for emotion and decision-making are thinner in people who take the Pill.

Tomb of Miguel de Cervantes Found in Madrid

The Spanish writer passed away in 1616.

14 ft, 800 lbs. Stingray

The fish is 8 ft. wide and captured in Thailand's Mae Klong River.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Britain's Death Panel in Action

More than 50 patients have died after a[ British] NHS trust introduced a secret policy to downgrade 999 calls and not to send ambulances to terminally ill patients.
Britain's fire trucks are being used as ambulances.

Vermont's 4-year experiment on a single-payer health insurance plan collapsed. Not even one of the most liberal states in the country can defy math.
The Affordable Care Act has ushered in an era of complex new health insurance products featuring legions of out-of-pocket coinsurance fees, high deductibles and narrow provider networks. Though commercial insurers had already begun to shift toward such policies, the health care law gave them added legitimacy and has vastly accelerated the trend, experts say.
Finally, the FBI is investigating the possibility of "fraud at the Memphis Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Center."

How Obama Became President

Obama's adviser said that he recommended Obama to hide his support for same-sex marriage in 2008 in order to win the election.

EPA's War on America

EPA regulations will eliminate 8% of the country's power supply, increasing the probability for blackouts. Fortunately, the GOP will be targeting the EPA for demolition. Scientist suggests that polar ice is not melting due to climate change and may be thicker than previously thought. Researchers believe that forest fires can lower the planet's temperature. Obviously the key to saving the planet is to burn more trees. Finally, Obama celebrated Earth Day with the type of hypocrisy that liberals feel themselves to be uniquely entitled to: by using 9,180 gallons of jet fuel.

Racism in Higher Education

Favoritism for African-Americans = discrimination for Asian-Americans.

A Prison House for a Nation

The old Austro-Hungarian Empire was derisively called the prison house of nations. But they were practically a paradise compared to North Korea.

The Poison Gas of WWI

The total number of British and Empire war deaths caused by gas, according to the Imperial War Museum, was about 6,000 - less than a third of the fatalities suffered by the British on the first day of the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Of the 90,000 soldiers killed by gas on all sides, more than half were Russian, many of whom may not even have been equipped with masks. 

Far more soldiers were injured. Some 185,000 British and Empire service personnel were classed as gas casualties - 175,000 of those in the last two years of the war as mustard gas came into use. 

The Weasel's Vehicle

Weasels may be the second species on the planet to come up with a vehicle for flight.

Coffee can Clean Arteries

A study of more than 25,000 people suggests that moderate coffee drinkers can avoid clogged arteries.

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Democrats Beg to be Saved from Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Senate Democrats pleaded with Health and Human Services secretary Sylvia Matthews Burwell to delay an Obamacare rule change that puts companies with 51 to 100 employees in the costlier “small group” market instead of the “large group” market. The rule change, which will result in higher premiums for many companies, goes into effect in 2016.
Meanwhile, Medicaid may cut payment to doctors by half. Almost 2/3 of those who bought into Obama's scheme received subsidies that were too high and another 1/4 received lower subsidies than they deserved. In short Obama's scheme got payments wrong in about 4 out of 5 cases.

In Canada, studies suggest that 23,000 patients die from preventable medical errors every year and 70,000 suffer serious injury from their medical treatments. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, an 82-year old female patient was starved and developed an infection "because nurses didn't realise she was almost totally blind".

The Truth About Same-Sex Relationships

Dawn Stefanowicz said her gay father was so preoccupied with sex that when she was in high school and brought home a male classmate, both her father and his lover propositioned him for sex.
B.N. Klein said her mother and lesbian partner disdained heterosexual families completely, and she didn’t have a clue about the daily interactions of a husband and wife until she went into foster care.
Robert Oscar Lopez said his two lesbian mothers were conscientious about his upbringing, but he became so emotionally confused that he turned to gay prostitution as a teen and gay and bisexual relationships as an adult.

Fake Hate Crime in Texas

Female Muslim student admitted that she lied about being threatened because of her religion.

Elon Musk = Parasite

Elon Musk's enterprises received more than $4.9 billion in government funding. Study suggests that green energy will cost each British citizen an extra $329 by 2020. Meanwhile, new study suggests that volcanic eruptions can lower the planet's temperature. The EPA will force 381 coal-fire generators to shut down, raising electricity prices. Finally, I'm pleased to note that the House of Representatives voted 277-133 to expedite natural gas exports.

School Choice Works

28 states have school choice programs and more than 353,000 students are enrolled in them.

North Korea's Honey Traps

To be fair to North Korea, they're certainly not the only country known to use such schemes.

Fish Oil can Improve Memory

Healthy people with mild memory deficits of events in their past life, so-called episodic memory, had improved recall after six months of treatment.

Queen Khentakawess III's Tomb

The tomb was found in Abu-Sir, south-west of Cairo, and is thought to belong to the wife or mother of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled 4,500 years ago.

Goblin Shark

It was discovered off the southeastern coast of Australia.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Undermining Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

22 states continue to reject Medicaid expansion. Many doctors are avoiding Obama's scheme like the plague. Like Obama's federal health insurance scheme, Vermont's state health insurance exchange is also suffering from cost overruns and technical problems.

In Australia, the government had to raise Medicare fees to pay for that program. In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), their hospitals are being swamped by patients, with one of them declaring that they have standing room only for patients.

"Coming Out" is Liberating!

It's "liberating" alright. It "liberated" this pervert from the burden of being alive. Perhaps staying in the closet would have been better for him.

EPA Will be Hit Early and Often

Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee James Inhofe (R. Oklahoma) is planning a series of tactics to weaken the Environmental Protection Agency. People trying to peddle "global warming" undermined by Reality. The famous liberal Harvard law professor Laurence Tribe denounced the Obama regime's new carbon rules as unconstitutional. New study suggests that CO2 is helping tropical trees grow faster and trees absorb more of it than previously thought. Study suggests that "[p]eople who claim to worry about climate change use more electricity than those who do not...."

Alabama's School Choice Program

The state supreme court endorsed the school choice program, a blow to the teachers' union.

Racism in Georgia

African-American threatens to kill all Caucasian-Americans.

Obama's Derangement Becomes More Obvious

Obama's lies about firearms in the US. The Texas state house voted 102-43 to "approve[] carrying handguns openly on the streets...." An international comparison of firearms ownership and the murder rate.

North Korea and Russia's Economic Ties

Russia spent $250 million to improve the port of Rajin, North Korea.

Th Evils of Drinking Alcohol

Survey of more than 49,000 Swedish men conclude that "men with lower results on their IQ test consumed higher levels of alcohol...." Report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention note that 6 Americans die from alcohol poisoning every day.

175 lbs Pit Bull

World's biggest pit bull.

The Stern of the Admiral Graf Spee

The remains of the German warship that was sunk near Uruguay in 1939.


Each pod is nearly 1.7 tons.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Reality of Government Health Care

The Veterans' Affairs Dept.'s Oakland, California office ignored thousands of disability claims. Thanks to Obama's health insurance scheme, employer health insurance plans had to substantially increase deductibles, forcing more people to forgo health care. The Treasury Dept. gave $3 billion to health insurers that were never authorized by Congress.

Over in Britain, land of the death panels, a man died from meningitis after waiting for an ambulance for 5 hours.
One of Britain’s leading children’s brain doctors snorted cocaine and an illegal party drug just before going on call at a major NHS hospital.

Perverts Have No Rights That Anyone Needs to Respect

I am pleased to report that Russia banned perverts from driving.

Liberals Keep on Having Memories of Events That Never Happened

VP Biden's lie about being shot at within Baghdad's green zone.

Racism in Detroit

African-American in Detroit murdered 2 Caucasian teenagers.

Greenies Face Gale-Force Winds

The GOP is working to undermine the Environmental Protection Agency. They also warned that there is no chance of any climate change treaty passing the Senate. A scientist comes forward and denounces the scientists who support the lie of climate change as people who prostituted themselves. Federal judge denounced the EPA for misleading the court and evading freedom of information requests. Finally, let us thank the 10 Democratic senators who voted against an attempt to regulate fracking.

The Increasing Popularity of Firearms

There is a surge in college shooting teams. Meanwhile, the number of women in Michigan who have concealed-carry permits for pistols increased 134% from 10,862 in 2010 to 25,418 this year.

North Korea is Miniaturizing Its Nuclear Weapons

They plan to mount nuclear warheads on their missiles.

SS City of Cairo

The vessel was sunk during WWII. Now, nearly $50 million of silver coins were salvaged from its wreck.

It was a Draw

Ambush by crocodile failed to defeat elephant.

Nocturnal Eating Increases Risks of Cancer and Diabetes

Eating regular meals at set times and then waiting longer between dinner and breakfast appears to regulate blood sugar and lower risk of illness.

Life in a Bubble

Located in France.