Sunday, July 27, 2014

There is No Escape from Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Man from Oklahoma spent 3 months just to cancel the health insurance he purchased from Obama's scheme. No wonder a new survey shows that only 18% Americans believe they have been helped by Obama's scheme whereas 35% claim that they have been harmed by it. Obama's health insurance scheme: Doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, CNN and Gallup polls show that Obama's approval rating is entrenched at 42%. In other words, not only have all Independents deserted Obama, even a small number of Democrats have done so. This can only bode ill for Democrats during this year's mid-term elections. I am also pleased to report that a DC Circuit Court panel ruled by 2-1 to eliminate Obama's subsidies for 36 federal health insurance exchanges. This is a crippling blow to Obama's scheme because millions of people will see their insurance premiums skyrocket. It also sets up another opportunity for the Supreme Court to strike down another portion of Obama's scheme.

Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), new study shows massive waste in the NHD, with some hospitals spending 8 times as much as others to purchase the same products. It would surprise no rational economist, who is aware that when people believe that they have a bottomless pile of money to spend from (i.e. taxpayers' money), they are not likely to spend too much time comparing prices. At the same time, the supply side, aware that there are such idiotic State consumers, will also see no reason to control costs. The net result is massive inflation. Naturally, liberals will then call for price controls and the suppliers who can't adapt to a sudden and significant change will either be driven out of business or move abroad, further limiting choice for domestic patients.

Python 1, Antelope -1

Indian rock python swallowed antelope at Gujarat, India.