Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama's Health Care Agenda is About Murdering Veterans

Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country reported more than 500 incidents last year where patients were gravely injured or died as a result of the care they received.
Vials of morphine were systemically stolen from a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center and replaced with water and saline so that dying veterans got the wrong treatments....
Philadelphia's Veterans Affairs benefits center was caught failing to process old claims dating back to 2011 and even altering them to disguise the fact that they have not been processed for years.

Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, almost 6 million people/year have to turn to their emergency medical service because they couldn't get appointments with their general practitioners. From 1988-2000, almost 100 elderly patients were killed by drug overdose at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital at Hampshire.

Qatar Buys $11 Billion of US Arms

The sale will provide Qatar with roughly 10 batteries for Patriot systems designed to knock out incoming missiles, as well as 24 Apache helicopters and 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles....

Cinnamon can Stop Progression of Parkinson's Disease

Our liver converts cinnamon into sodium benzoate, an approved drug used in the treatment for neural disorders.