Monday, July 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Defense of a Child Rapist

In 1975, Hillary Clinton successfully helped a child rapist get a shorter prison sentence. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gave his wife tips on how to use his possible death to her maximum political advantage. Hillary Clinton also lied about the recent Supreme Court decision on the contraception mandate. From the annals of the top 0.1% comes the Clintons, who are worth more than $50 million and stand to gain nearly a million from taxpayers this year. They are also trying to evade the death tax even though they championed raising it.

A Curious Emigration Pattern

60% of the wealthy in China have either emigrated or are planning to do so. This is a stunning statistic. According to traditional migration theory, those most likely to emigrate are middle to lower middle class. The idea being that the wealthy are doing extremely well, therefore they have little motivation to leave whereas the poor can't afford the journey. In contrast, the middle and lower-middle classes have aspirations but are frustrated by being unable to achieve them. That such a large percentage of the wealthy in China are seeking an exit is rather surprising.

"It's a Pity They Can't Both Lose."

- The great realist Dr. Henry Kissinger on the Iran-Iraq War in particular, but very much applicable when two people one despises kill each other.

The AVX Attack Helicopter

Its speed is up to 230 knots.