Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Story of Government Health Care: Rewarding Failure

The Memphis Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Center approved over $1 million in bonuses months before closing a therapeutic aquatic pool citing a lack of funds.
Another small business in North Carolina will be forced to close thanks to Obama's health insurance scheme.

In Britain, land of the death panels, a hospital poisoned 15 babies, one of whom died.
Vulnerable children and adults with disabilities are being left at risk of “sickening abuse” because the NHS has failed to transfer thousands of people into suitable accommodation, a leading charity has warned
Finally, the British National Health Disservice is refusing to pay for surgery for a patient suffering from Leigh's Syndrome. What happened to "free health care"?

Democrats Profit from Murder and Terrorism

This is the right time to remind everyone when Democrats used the mass murder at Newtown, Connecticut and the terrorist attack at Benghazi for fundraising purposes.

The French Rally for McDonald's

Some French locals are planning to protest a delay in opening a McDonald's restaurant.

Mobula Ray

They were seen off the coast of Mexico.

Obama Encourages More Illegal Immigration

Obama renewed his 2-year amnesty for about 550,000 illegals.