Saturday, May 31, 2014

Obama: Cry Havoc, and Let Loose My Health Insurance Scheme!

Thanks to Obama's scheme, insurance premiums in Ohio will rise by an average of 13%. Additional requirements imposed by Obama's scheme are forcing the state of California to pay more for workers' insurance. New report suggests that Medicare made $6.7 billion of improper payments in 2010.

In Britain, land of the death panels, a 29-year-old female doctor died of cancer after having been told that she was too young to have that illness. I suppose under government health care, a person is always healthy until she ends up dead. Another report suggests that bad handwriting by British doctors is putting patients at risk.

The Triumph of Russia

Russia's foreign policy victories, from preserving not just the Assad regime of Syria but even his freedom to use chemical weapons, to their incursions into Ukraine, simply reaffirm the old adage: Something, no matter how awful, always beats nothing. In many ways, Russia is playing a weak hand. But with a combination of ruthlessness and opportunism aiding a relatively limited strategic vision, Russia has outplayed the Obama regime at every turn. Even a limited strategic vision beats none. Throughout the catastrophe of Obama's foreign policy, there has never been any sign that it is guided by anything other than "Blame Bush!" and hoping that nothing bad will affect Obama's re-election and approval ratings. One should not be surprised to see this type of short-sightedness thoroughly thrashed by the world's most renowned chess masters. Even a clear-sighted foreign policy must be skillfully guided to contend with a power like Russia. In the current mismatch between a community organizer and a KGB agent, the game was decided before it was even played.

As is usually the case, when the US retreats, somebody has to suffer. Syrian fatalities from their civil war now add up to more than 160,000. New pages are being added to the history book of the use of chemical weapons and the list of their victims continues to grow, with a grim legacy of health deformations growing ever longer. That the 1994 Budapest Memorandum had been proven to be nothing more than a piece of paper threatens the foundations of NATO and every European state that borders Russia. Meanwhile, every potential aggressor state from Iran to China is drawing the most logical conclusions from this state of affairs.

The world is growing more dangerous by the day, and the tunnel only grows darker.

An Honest Man

A poor man at Fresno, California found $125,000 and returned it to its owner.