Saturday, May 24, 2014

The Latest Victim of Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

South Carolina girl who enrolled in Obama's scheme now finds that the scheme refuses to pay for her drugs because it wrongly registered her as male. Despite calling the the government 8 times over 3 weeks and being repeatedly assured that the problem has been solved, it remains unresolved. Welcome to government health care, which combines the compassion of the IRS with the efficiency of the post office. Nevada wasted $75 million to build its own state health exchange and now it will have to be abandoned due to its technical glitches. Thousands of people who registered with Oregon's health insurance exchange still have not paid their premiums.

Meanwhile in Britain, land of free health care, 15 hospitals are begging for government bail outs. One of them was threatened with having its electricity shut because it can;t pay its electric bills. A British mother who was told that her unborn child had a rare and terminal condition ended up giving birth to a healthy baby.

China and Russia Seal the Deal

The 30-year deal worth $400 billion will supply China with 38 billion cubic meters of natural gas each year while helping to shield Russia from any effects from Western sanctions, not that they had much of an effect. Sanctions designed to be ineffective can only be ineffective.

World's Oldest Cat

It lives at Bournemouth, Britain and is 24 years old.