Friday, May 23, 2014

The Obama Regime: Where Incompetence and Treachery is Rewarded

Obama's nominee to become the undersecretary of health at the Department of Veterans of Affairs previously worked at a veterans hospital that maintained a secret waiting list. The director of the veterans hospital at Phoenix, Arizona where more than 40 veterans died on its secret waiting list received a bonus of $8,500 last month. The Obama regime's hostility toward veterans is of long standing. In 2009, the Obama regime planned to charge veterans for even service-related injuries.

Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, doctors are warning that 10-minute consultations can endanger patients' health. A 69-year-old British man was effectively starved to death by his hospital.

The Swiss, the World's Most Sensible Voters?

I am pleased to note that 76.3% of Swiss voters refused to commit economic suicide and defeated a proposal to impose a minimum wage of $25/hour. In these dark, Obama times, it is always gratifying to see such outbreaks of sanity. In 2001, 85% of its voters decided to reduce government spending. In 2010, 59% of Swiss voters rejected a class warfare-style tax on the rich.

Louisiana Will Pass Pro-Life Bill

It is so heart-warming to see all those abortion clinics decimated by pro-life legislation. Their collapse has been a long time in coming, but their end is near.


Its fossil was discovered in Argentina and it could have weighed 170,000 lbs.