Friday, August 1, 2014

Obama's Hypocrisy on Iraqi Christians

In January, 2008, Sen. Obama (Democrat, Illinois) said the following:
Mr. President, I wrote to Secretary Rice on September 11, 2007, out of concern for Iraq's Christian and other non- Muslim religious minorities who appear to be targeted by Sunni, Shiite, and Kurdish militants. The severe violations of religious freedom faced by members of these indigenous communities, and their potential extinction from their ancient homeland, is deeply alarming in light of our mission to bring freedom to the Iraqi people.
In addition, such violence may be an indicator of greater sectarian violence. Such rising violence and the Iraqi internally displaced people and refugee crises potentially could serve as catalysts for wider regional instability. These crises demand an urgent response from our Government.
Now that Obama is president, he's ignoring the plight of Iraqi Christians.

The Science and Math of Marijuana

Modern research shows that marijuana can lower IQ and induce psychotic disorders.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Obama Regime Earned Their Humiliation

The Egyptian government humiliated Secretary of State Kerry by subjecting him to a security scan. Since the Egyptian government rightly outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood as they are a terrorist group, and since the Obama regime is one of that terrorist group's strongest supporters, this humiliation was well-deserved.

NASA's Space Launch System

The rocket is equipped with the SLS RS-25 engine, stands 384 ft, and can carry 130 tons.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

There is No Escape from Obama's Health Insurance Scheme

Man from Oklahoma spent 3 months just to cancel the health insurance he purchased from Obama's scheme. No wonder a new survey shows that only 18% Americans believe they have been helped by Obama's scheme whereas 35% claim that they have been harmed by it. Obama's health insurance scheme: Doing more harm than good. Meanwhile, CNN and Gallup polls show that Obama's approval rating is entrenched at 42%. In other words, not only have all Independents deserted Obama, even a small number of Democrats have done so. This can only bode ill for Democrats during this year's mid-term elections. I am also pleased to report that a DC Circuit Court panel ruled by 2-1 to eliminate Obama's subsidies for 36 federal health insurance exchanges. This is a crippling blow to Obama's scheme because millions of people will see their insurance premiums skyrocket. It also sets up another opportunity for the Supreme Court to strike down another portion of Obama's scheme.

Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), new study shows massive waste in the NHD, with some hospitals spending 8 times as much as others to purchase the same products. It would surprise no rational economist, who is aware that when people believe that they have a bottomless pile of money to spend from (i.e. taxpayers' money), they are not likely to spend too much time comparing prices. At the same time, the supply side, aware that there are such idiotic State consumers, will also see no reason to control costs. The net result is massive inflation. Naturally, liberals will then call for price controls and the suppliers who can't adapt to a sudden and significant change will either be driven out of business or move abroad, further limiting choice for domestic patients.

Python 1, Antelope -1

Indian rock python swallowed antelope at Gujarat, India.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Obama's Health Care Agenda is About Murdering Veterans

Veterans Affairs hospitals across the country reported more than 500 incidents last year where patients were gravely injured or died as a result of the care they received.
Vials of morphine were systemically stolen from a Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center and replaced with water and saline so that dying veterans got the wrong treatments....
Philadelphia's Veterans Affairs benefits center was caught failing to process old claims dating back to 2011 and even altering them to disguise the fact that they have not been processed for years.

Meanwhile in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice, almost 6 million people/year have to turn to their emergency medical service because they couldn't get appointments with their general practitioners. From 1988-2000, almost 100 elderly patients were killed by drug overdose at the Gosport War Memorial Hospital at Hampshire.

Qatar Buys $11 Billion of US Arms

The sale will provide Qatar with roughly 10 batteries for Patriot systems designed to knock out incoming missiles, as well as 24 Apache helicopters and 500 Javelin anti-tank missiles....

Cinnamon can Stop Progression of Parkinson's Disease

Our liver converts cinnamon into sodium benzoate, an approved drug used in the treatment for neural disorders.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Greenies = Useful Idiots for Russia

Russia is secretly working with environmental groups campaigning against fracking in an attempt to maintain Europe's dependence on energy imports from Moscow, the secretary-general of Nato has said.
Meanwhile, the size of Antarctica's ice sheet reached a record level of 2.1 million sq. mi. Liberals are proving that their environmentalism is nothing more than a front for graft as a woman convicted of voter fraud for voting for Obama 6 times also "sat on the board of a group that received an Obama administration Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) grant." The Obama regime is also proving that their green zealotry has nothing to do with protecting wildlife as they granted a permit to a wind farm to kill up to 5 endangered golden eagles in 5 years. As one of the rare signs of light during the Obama regime, US oil dependence collapsed from 60% to 30%.

China's Type 095 Nuclear Attack Submarine

The Pentagon in its latest annual report on China's military said currently two Type-093s are deployed and four improved Type-093s will be fielded in the next five years.

Illegal Immigrants, and the Plague They Bring

Not exactly plague, but scabies.

Immorality has Consequences

Deadly illness being one of them.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton's Defense of a Child Rapist

In 1975, Hillary Clinton successfully helped a child rapist get a shorter prison sentence. Meanwhile, Bill Clinton gave his wife tips on how to use his possible death to her maximum political advantage. Hillary Clinton also lied about the recent Supreme Court decision on the contraception mandate. From the annals of the top 0.1% comes the Clintons, who are worth more than $50 million and stand to gain nearly a million from taxpayers this year. They are also trying to evade the death tax even though they championed raising it.

A Curious Emigration Pattern

60% of the wealthy in China have either emigrated or are planning to do so. This is a stunning statistic. According to traditional migration theory, those most likely to emigrate are middle to lower middle class. The idea being that the wealthy are doing extremely well, therefore they have little motivation to leave whereas the poor can't afford the journey. In contrast, the middle and lower-middle classes have aspirations but are frustrated by being unable to achieve them. That such a large percentage of the wealthy in China are seeking an exit is rather surprising.

"It's a Pity They Can't Both Lose."

- The great realist Dr. Henry Kissinger on the Iran-Iraq War in particular, but very much applicable when two people one despises kill each other.

The AVX Attack Helicopter

Its speed is up to 230 knots.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Obama Makes History Again!

Frustration and legal challenges over the network of doctors and hospitals for Obamacare patients have marred an otherwise successful rollout of the federal healthcare law in California.
In other words: Other than that Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? Meanwhile, the inspector general of the Dept. of Health and Human Services reported that applications for Obama's health insurance scheme contain millions of errors that the federal government cannot verify. Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) had the foresight of exempting his staff from Obama's scheme. Pity the rest of the country can't get a similar exemption. No wonder Obama won a plurality of the votes when it comes to choosing the worst president since WWII. Finally in Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), a hospital that suffers from a serious shortage of nurses can afford to pay more than $920,000/year to a manager.

Eurozone Unemployment Rate Entrenched at 11.6%

The lowest unemployment rates were recorded in Austria and Germany, at around 5 percent. However joblessness remained worryingly high in Greece (26.8 percent in March 2014) and Spain (25.1 percent).

The Wonders of Genetic Engineering

Human red blood cells have been genetically engineered to produce protein antidotes and other antibody-based medicines that can be safely delivered to any part of the body....

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Rewarding Incompetence is What Government Heath Care Does

Now that Oregon’s Obamacare exchange has entirely given up on fixing or running its own Obamacare website, the state exchange is handing out hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer funding as bonuses to employees that stick around until the federal government takes over.
Meanwhile, the IRS's employees union are concerned that they will be subject to Obama's health insurance scheme as well. Welcome to America. Michigan improperly spent $160 million on state Medicaid.

In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), a 71-year-old man nearly died because "his medical team failed to spot a blood clot in his leg...." An NHD employee stole more than $1.1 million from a cancer drug fund to pay for her wedding and Gucci handbags.

Russia Targets Moldova and Ukraine

Russia expressed its opposition to the 2 countries embarking on the path to join the EU, not that the EU can be expected to offer much opposition to Russia anyway.

Supreme Court Unanimously Rebukes the Constitutional Law Professor

The Obama regime recently suffered its 12th unanimous repudiation from the Supreme Court. The Obama regime may soon make history as the regime most frequently and unanimously repudiated by the Court.

Persia's Lost Army

In 524 BC, a Persian army of 50,000 men sent by King Cambyses II marched into the Egyptian desert from Thebes - now known as Luxor.
But, after entering the desert, they were never heard from again.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Government Health Care = Death Sentence

Study suggests that poor care for veterans cost at least 1,000 lives and almost $1 billion in malpractice settlements. At the same time, "
[d]octors at the Philadelphia Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Regional Office are sitting around with nothing to do, despite the fact that hundreds of thousands of U.S. veterans continue to wait for medical appointments.
Most Obamacare customers will face serious premium hikes next year unless they change their health insurance again....
In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), thousands of general practitioners are unfit to increase their patients. Study suggests that of 32 industrialized countries, Britain ranks 26 in terms of the number of MRI scanners.

The Palestinian Culture of Terrorism

The Palestinians are celebrating the recent kidnapping of 3 Israeli teenagers.

School Prayer in North Carolina

I am pleased to report that the state GOP passed legislation "that will explicitly allow students in public schools across the state to engage in voluntary student-led prayer."

Macroscelides micus

The new species of elephant shew was discovered in Namibia.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Rewarding Incompetence

Despite the mismanagement of veterans health care,
Every one of the almost 500 senior executives at Veterans Affairs has been rated “outstanding,” “exceeds fully successful” or “fully successful” since fiscal 2010....

Those ratings were used to help dole out more than $14 million in bonuses since 2010.
[T]he Phoenix VA Health Care System paid out roughly $10 million in bonuses during the past three years, when some staff manipulated patient wait-time records to trigger bonuses as veterans died awaiting care.
An analysis of more than 3,000 counties revealed that Obama's health insurance scheme increased the premiums for individual health insurance plans by 49%.

In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), plans are underway to allow new medical students to treat patients that will place more patients' health at risk. As a demonstration of the NHD's priorities, a woman received a breast enlargement operation costing more than $10,000 courtesy of British taxpayers.

Is Russia Behind the Polish Affair?

One can't help but suspect that Moscow might be behind the recent Polish leaks as they have the effect of isolating Poland from their most important allies. While Foreign Minister Sikorski is no doubt right about worthless ties with the Obama regime, to have such sentiments openly aired will only serve to isolate Poland and the country that has the most to gain from Poland's isolation is Russia especially in light of Poland's active opposition to Russian aggression. This leak also follows a previous leak of a confidential conversation from the Obama regime, also suggesting that the Snowden affair was carefully orchestrated by Russia to first isolate the US on the eavesdropping issue thus providing cover or at least distraction for Russia's own efforts in this area.

Section 215 Program Extended

I am pleased to report that the FISA court granted a 5th extension to the NSA's program to collect telephone metadata.

Alcohol can Prevent Sight Loss

Those who consumed alcohol, but had less than one drink per week, were 49 per cent less likely to develop vision problems within a 20 year period, than those who never drank.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Inevitable Consequences of Government Health Care

The Obama regime knew about the Veterans Affairs Dept's secret waiting lists for veterans back in 2010. 2 million people who signed up for Obama's health insurance scheme might lose coverage or be compelled to repay subsidies that were too generous. Colorado will impose an Obamacare tax even on health insurance plans not sold by Obama's scheme.

In Britain, land of the National Health Disservice (NHD), new NHD advisory on statins may threaten the health of millions of patients. Despite a rather lax guideline that 85% of cancer patients must be treated within 2 months of being referred by general practitioners, some hospitals only achieved a ratio of 60%.

Obama's Plan to Hand Iraq to Iran Succeeding

In 2009, Obama boasted that he is leaving behind a "sovereign, stable Iraq". In 2010, VP Biden boasted that Iraq is one of the great achievements of the Obama regime. Back in 2011, one of the architects of the successful 2007 surge of troops that stabilized Iraq already warned that Obama's foolish decision to withdraw all US troops will only leave the country for Iran. Now Iran is using the advance of the ISIS terrorists as an excuse to take over the country. Amazingly, Reality is actually worse than what Gen. Keane suspected. The Obama regime was responsible for releasing the man who became the leader of the ISIS in 2009. Never has there been a more anti-US regime than the Obama regime.

Anthony Van Dyck Painting Worth $839,000

It was purchased 12 years ago for $670.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Social Welfare Encourages Criminality

New Jersey resident stole $2.5 million from the food stamps program. 54 Atlanta residents defrauded the WIC and food stamps programs of $18 million. The Obama regime will spend $100,000 to build the 23rd bike trail at the Mark Twain National Forest. What's wrong with the other 22? Since Seattle, Washington raised its minimum wage to $15/hour, the cost is being passed on to consumers. As the Chinese saying goes: Wool comes from sheep. Money doesn't grow on trees. In one rare sign of economic sanity during these dark, Obama times, I am pleased to report that Senate GOP blocked the Obama regime's plan to refinance student loans at a lower interest rate. The vote was 56-38, the nays had it.

5 Most Powerful Navies

They are US, China, Russia, Britain, and Japan.

Pro-Life Advances in Texas and Florida

Another abortion clinic in Corpus Christi, Texas closed. 1/3 of such slaughterhouses in the state closed since the state passed a new pro-life law last year. Florida also passed a new pro-life law restricting partial-birth abortions.

A Friendly Gift

Wallaby offered a cone of food to a pigeon.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Obama Regime's Retaliation Against Whistleblowers

The Obama regime retaliated against 37 whistleblowers who embarrassed him by revealing the neglect and abuses of the veterans health care system. The Congressional Budget Office reported that 4 million people will be fined for not buying into Obama's health insurance scheme. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid paid $23 million for health care for the dead.

In Britain, land of the death panels, a 33-year-old mother of 4 died after her cervical cancer was misdiagnosed 33 times. A 42-year-old woman suffered from a brain hemorrhage after her hospital lost her brain scan results and decided to cover up their incompetence by claiming that she was fine.

Sen. Schumer's (Democrat, New York) Ignorance of History

Schumer claimed that Thomas Jefferson was the author of the Constitution. In fact, Jefferson was not even in the US when the Constitution was being drafted.

The Terrorists' President

Obama broke his 2008 promise not to deal with the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas.

Texas GOP Adopts Conservative Agenda

The 2014 Republican platform of about 260 policies also calls for repealing the Voting Rights Act, supports open-carry of firearms, supports the repeal of a minimum wage, backs a U.S. withdrawal from the United Nations, prohibits the sale of the morning after pill and demands the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, also known as "Obamacare".

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Story of Government Health Care: Rewarding Failure

The Memphis Veteran Administration (VA) Medical Center approved over $1 million in bonuses months before closing a therapeutic aquatic pool citing a lack of funds.
Another small business in North Carolina will be forced to close thanks to Obama's health insurance scheme.

In Britain, land of the death panels, a hospital poisoned 15 babies, one of whom died.
Vulnerable children and adults with disabilities are being left at risk of “sickening abuse” because the NHS has failed to transfer thousands of people into suitable accommodation, a leading charity has warned
Finally, the British National Health Disservice is refusing to pay for surgery for a patient suffering from Leigh's Syndrome. What happened to "free health care"?

Democrats Profit from Murder and Terrorism

This is the right time to remind everyone when Democrats used the mass murder at Newtown, Connecticut and the terrorist attack at Benghazi for fundraising purposes.

The French Rally for McDonald's

Some French locals are planning to protest a delay in opening a McDonald's restaurant.

Mobula Ray

They were seen off the coast of Mexico.

Obama Encourages More Illegal Immigration

Obama renewed his 2-year amnesty for about 550,000 illegals.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Obama's Maladministration at Work

The Obama regime's Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will spend almost $400,000 for a meeting of its employees. The Obama regime's IRS spent more than half a million hours on union activities last year. The Obama regime also blocked a WWII-era firearm importation plan that cost a business in Vermont 41 jobs. Meanwhile, US GDP shrank by 1% in Q1 of this year. Finally, a liberal idiot is finally tasting the consequences of her folly as her property tax is soaring. Unfortunately, she doesn't seem to realize that all the public services that she voted for had to be paid for, too. Liberals never seem to understand that money doesn't grow on trees and all government programs must be paid for. I only regret that fools like her also succeeded in raising taxes for other, more sensible people.

The End of the Obama Regime

Even all bad things must come to an end.

Obama's Foreign Policy is Indefensible

The Obama regime's ambassador to Syria resigned because the regime's foreign policy is indefensible. There is no evidence that US relations with any country improved under the Obama regime. Therefore, when Obama's sycophants at the State Dept. claimed that Obama doesn't give himself enough credit on foreign policy, it could only be answered with derision. No wonder that less than 1/4 of West Point cadets bothered to give him a standing ovation when he delivered his latest blather there. Meanwhile, 2 Democratic Party senators announced their opposition to Obama's decision to appoint a crony of his to the post of ambassador to Norway.

3 Slaughterhouses Closed Down in Portland

The US is now a safer place.

The Best of Fruits and Vegetables

Study suggests that watercress is the best.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

The Co-President

Obama's wife used the royal "we".

Desalination is the Wave of the Future

As is usually the case, Israel is standing at the head of that wave. There's no shortage of salt water so the raw material for desalination plants is boundless. If there is an increasing shortage of fresh water, then such plants will become more affordable. Economics takes care of itself.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Obama: Cry Havoc, and Let Loose My Health Insurance Scheme!

Thanks to Obama's scheme, insurance premiums in Ohio will rise by an average of 13%. Additional requirements imposed by Obama's scheme are forcing the state of California to pay more for workers' insurance. New report suggests that Medicare made $6.7 billion of improper payments in 2010.

In Britain, land of the death panels, a 29-year-old female doctor died of cancer after having been told that she was too young to have that illness. I suppose under government health care, a person is always healthy until she ends up dead. Another report suggests that bad handwriting by British doctors is putting patients at risk.

The Triumph of Russia

Russia's foreign policy victories, from preserving not just the Assad regime of Syria but even his freedom to use chemical weapons, to their incursions into Ukraine, simply reaffirm the old adage: Something, no matter how awful, always beats nothing. In many ways, Russia is playing a weak hand. But with a combination of ruthlessness and opportunism aiding a relatively limited strategic vision, Russia has outplayed the Obama regime at every turn. Even a limited strategic vision beats none. Throughout the catastrophe of Obama's foreign policy, there has never been any sign that it is guided by anything other than "Blame Bush!" and hoping that nothing bad will affect Obama's re-election and approval ratings. One should not be surprised to see this type of short-sightedness thoroughly thrashed by the world's most renowned chess masters. Even a clear-sighted foreign policy must be skillfully guided to contend with a power like Russia. In the current mismatch between a community organizer and a KGB agent, the game was decided before it was even played.

As is usually the case, when the US retreats, somebody has to suffer. Syrian fatalities from their civil war now add up to more than 160,000. New pages are being added to the history book of the use of chemical weapons and the list of their victims continues to grow, with a grim legacy of health deformations growing ever longer. That the 1994 Budapest Memorandum had been proven to be nothing more than a piece of paper threatens the foundations of NATO and every European state that borders Russia. Meanwhile, every potential aggressor state from Iran to China is drawing the most logical conclusions from this state of affairs.

The world is growing more dangerous by the day, and the tunnel only grows darker.

An Honest Man

A poor man at Fresno, California found $125,000 and returned it to its owner.