Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Once Again With Feeling: GOP Should ***Not*** Raise the Debt Ceiling

The polls are in.  44% of Americans trust the GOP to manage the economy whereas only 37% trust the DemocratsMeanwhile, Obama's approval rating dropped to its lowest level in 2 years.  From a purely political perspective, the shutdown has not done much harm to the GOP.  Moody's already noted that refusing to raise the debt ceiling does not have to lead to a default.  In light of the waste, fraud, and abuse of federal money, such as the Dept. of Veterans Affairs's decision to spend $3.5 million on furniture the day before the shutdown, there is an economic imperative for the GOP to hold fast and refuse to raise the debt limit in order to bring greater budget discipline to Washington DC.  Finally, I'm pleased to report that North Carolina will start cutting its welfare programs in light of the government shutdown.

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