Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Obama Will Guarantee Iranian Completion of Their Nuclear Weapons Program

Nearly every major foreign policy initiative by the Obama regime ended in a catastrophic setback.  Their overthrow of Gadaffi ended in the killing of the US ambassador to Libya in Benghazi.  Their support for the Muslim Brotherhood and the overthrow of Mubarak led to a military coup d'etat and they are so fearful of antagonizing Egypt that they're afraid of calling the coup by its nameTheir last minute retreat from a confrontation with Syria only led to a deterioration of relations with FranceTheir haste in making peace with Iran can only end badly for everyone concerned.  This at a time when Iran is launching cyber-attacks against the US.

The Obama regime's de facto green light to Tehran to complete their nuclear weapons program can only be explained by how compromised the regime is by Iran.  Secretary of State John Kerry's son-in-law is Iranian.  One of Obama's top advisers Valerie Jarrett was also born as an Iranian.  Not surprisingly, she is the one leading the overture to Iran while Kerry is responsible for carrying out the Iranians' cherished goal of wiping out Israel by forcing Israel to grant concessions to the Palestinians.  Under these circumstances, the Israelis would be fools to entrust its security to the Obama regime.

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