Friday, October 4, 2013

Conservatives Should Remove Boehner from His Position as House Speaker

Not content with helping Obama raise taxes, House Speaker John Boehner (R. Ohio) now wants to help Obama bankrupt the country with reckless spending.  Removing Boehner from power will be a clear sign to the Obama regime that the GOP has no intention of yielding, which in turn may hasten the Obama regime's capitulation.

The federal government continues to demonstrate why this shutdown is necessary.  Whether we're talking about creating new web pages for the specific purpose of telling people that they ran out of money (Where did the funding for such new web pages come from and why couldn't it have been put to better use?) or its general continuance of out-of-control spending, this exercise simply reminds us of how much of the federal government's supposedly essential personnel are not essential at all and that stronger measures at controlling spending, including refusing to raise the debt limit, must be done.  A former senior EPA adviser pretended to be a CIA agent, stole $900,000 and will still get his pension.  In one of the few signs that the government shutdown is working, services for Native Americans are being cut off.

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