Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Obama Willingly Duped by Russia

Obama's Syrian debacle is rapidly descending into farce.  More than 2 years ago, Obama said that Assad must step downMore than a year ago, Obama also said that the Syrian use of chemical weapons constitutes a red lineSince then, his Secretary of State John Kerry compared Assad to Hitler and Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid (Democrat, Nevada) compared the chemical weapon attack to the Holocaust.  But now, the Obama regime is grasping at the straw that the Russian government so generously handed them.  The only conclusion one can draw from this chain of events is that the Obama regime has no problems with making peace with Hitler and leaving Hitler in power.

The Russian proposal itself is realistically impossible.  Disarming chemical weapons is difficult during the best of times.  Disarming them during a civil war is close to impossible.  Does anyone seriously believe that Assad intends to give up his chemical weapons stockpile?  More likely, he will offer a couple barrels to demonstrate his sincerity and the Obama regime will point at them to proclaim victory.  Only those with some understanding of international relations will know better.  That, of course, includes every foreign government and the Syrian people, none of whom is naive enough to believe that Assad will give up all of his chemical weapons and every one of them will know that despite the Obama regime's condemnations using the strongest terms in the English language, the Assad regime will remain in place.

This stunning denouement came about because Obama never had any appetite to defend his rhetorical excesses.  In this, Obama is every bit as unprincipled as his liberal supporters who crowded the streets to oppose the Iraq War but are largely absent during Obama's clamor for war against Syria.

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