Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Congress Should Vote for No Confidence in the Obama Regime's Foreign Policy

I believe foreign governments can tell the difference between a feckless and weak Obama and the United States.  Congress should demonstrate similar insight by rejecting Obama's rush to war.  In related news, it's time that we reflect on the cosy relationship between Secretary of State John Kerry and Bashar Assad.  In light of recent events, I suppose House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi's peace mission to Syria in 2007 didn't work out.  The war and sanctions are having a devastating effect on the Syrian economy.  They are being forced to import 2 million tons of grain this year because they only produced 1.5 million tons.  Finally, there is substantial evidence suggesting that Iraq's WMDs went to Syria.  This would not be an unusual course of action for Saddam Hussein.  Back during the 1990 Gulf War, Saddam Hussein sent his air force to Iran for safekeeping.

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