Thursday, September 5, 2013

Congress Needs to Draw a Red Line for Obama

I am pleased to report that Obama's approval rating collapsed to 44%, the lowest since 2011.  His foreign policy approval rating collapsed to 41%.  Only 35% approve of his handling of Syria whereas 44% are opposedWhile Senate endorsement of Obama's rush to war seems likely, there is a good chance this train wreck can be stopped in the House where 174 representatives including more than 40 Democrats have already declared their intention or at least inclination to deny Obama the authority to launch a war of aggression against Syria.  Only 19 representatives are on record as being in favorThe House previously refused to endorse Obama's unconstitutional war against Libya.  It should do so again.

As the House seems likely to reject Obama's war of aggression, Obama is falling back on what he does best: Shift responsibility for his "red line" declaration to that mythical beast a.k.a. "international community."  Never mind the fact that of the nearly 200 countries in the world, only a grand total of 2 of them have any intention of using force to enforce the Chemical Weapons Convention.  Obama's Secretary of State John Kerry is even more pathetic.  Consider his numerous statements kissing up to Assad between 2006-11The Obama regime showed a remarkable degree of doublespeak and strategic confusion when they argued their case before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  This ship of fools is probably a greater threat to US interests than the Assad regime.

Obama's gratuitous snubbing of British PM Cameron at the G20 conference is typical of that small man.  Whatever one might say about Cameron's bumbling, he carried water for Obama and suffered a humiliating defeat in the House of Commons for him.  This type of ingratitude befits a 3rd grader, not the leader of a great power.  Finally, if the Obama regime truly wants to prevent Syria from using its chemical weapons again, they'll have to send at least 75,000 troops.

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