Friday, September 13, 2013

Assad Regime Bombed Schoolyard

Now that the possibility of US intervention in Syria is receding, it's time for us to be better acquainted with the Syrian civil war.  Soon after the British House of Commons voted against going to war against the Assad regime, Syrian aircraft bombed a schoolyard, killing 10 children.

During the siege of Sarajevo which lasted for nearly 4 years, the brave staff at the newspaper Oslobodjenje endeavored to put out their newspaper everyday despite the fact that their reporters were sniped and their offices shelled.  After the war, one of their reporters recalled their utter incomprehension at how what passed for the civilized world could possibly allow a brutal siege to last for so long.

At first, they assumed that the world didn't know what it was like for a modern capital city to lay under siege.  Then they were forced to conclude that the world knew, but didn't care.  Finally, they were driven to the conclusion that the world was simply perverse, that it enjoyed knowing that the people of Sarajevo were under siege.
A letter this week on the Syrian gassing to the German news magazine Der Spiegel from Dr. Tewes Wischmann of Heidelberg read: “We will be asked by our children what we did against this mass murder, as we asked our parents about Nazism. We will then lower our eyes and have to remain silent.”

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